Thumbs up for Star Wars characters Chewbacca and Han Solo.

Thumbs up for Star Wars characters Chewbacca and Han Solo.

TRENDING ON THE NET: Thumbs up and guns down

Taking on the heated gun debate with a smile on the lighter side

Every time we see a badass action movie, we will see someone holding a gun. Whether it be the suave James Bond, The machine like Terminator, the gangster Tony Montana or even Chuck Norris; they all use a gun at some point to do some of the most badass stunts in cinema. It is hard to say that you do not get excited when you see these badass members of the silver screen bring out their guns.

But as of March 7, A blog called ‘Thumbs and Ammo’ was launched on the blogging platform Blogspot with its first post being Brad Pitt in the 1995 thriller movie Seven with his gun edited out and replaced with a hand giving a thumbs-up signal.

On the exact same day the blog was made, the @Thumbs and Ammo Twitter feed was created, which linked to individual posts on the Thumbs and Ammo blog. This spread on March 13 after German pop culture blog ‘Nercore’ published a post about the site. After that, various internet news blogs started reblogging it as well as people creating their own.

While some people are jokingly photoshopping the pictures as a means of fun, some places claimed that this site was part of the national debate on gun control and to be used for it. But, According to the tech news blog Mashable, the blog started as a Photoshop competition between the site’s co-creators and was not intended to convey an anti-gun message. This is more along a joke of censorship like what is used on imported Japanese cartoons where scenes are cut out or edited to create safer television for kids.

It may not promote gun safety or anything, but this still is an entertaining way to enjoy your leisurely walk down Internet way.

Check out some more Thumbs and Ammo pictures here.

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