Voting for this project takes place daily

Voting for this project takes place daily

Winlaw nature program in online contest

Voting for this project takes place daily, starting Monday at


Winlaw school is once again in the voting pool for funding the Growing Nature Stewards Program and appreciates your voting support. Voting begins on Monday.

Growing Nature Stewards is an aspect of the Winlaw Indigenous Leadership Development (WILD) initiative at Winlaw school.

This program facilitates environmental education to create experiential learning and stewardship by accessing local resources, developing sustainable education tools and studying diverse habitats.

Primary learning takes place in the outdoor classroom and permaculture gardens at Winlaw Elementary School, with enhanced learning through accessing diverse local habitats. The outdoor experiential learning program provides students with opportunities to create solutions for local environmental enhancements, such as a bee conservation garden, permaculture and soil studies, riparian repair project and a native forest food garden.

The vision is to also have an open structure with interactive learning tools to facilitate group work, presentations and nature studies. Teachers would receive professional development and have access to field study supplies to take on nature study outings. Field trips to other habitats provide learning experiences for students to compare and appreciate diverse natural environments, with an emphasis on conservation to foster stewardship.

Voting for this project takes place daily, starting Monday at Your votes will help grow a generation of nature’s stewards.

Each year, the CST Foundation challenges communities and organizations across the country to create new and innovative ideas that support the growth and development of children. The grand prize is $50,000, while there are two prizes of $25,000, and 12 of $10,000.