Women’s volunteer training

The Nelson and District Women’s Centre’s free volunteer training program, Rooted in Community, begins June 3.

The Nelson and District Women’s Centre’s free volunteer training program, Rooted in Community, offers local and area women the opportunity to build strengths, gain valuable skills, and contribute their time and energy as volunteers in their communities.

Offered three times a year at the Women’s Centre, the program consists of eight sessions of 2.5 hours, taking place over a one-month period on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and will begin on June 3.

During the program, participants are taught how to be effective volunteers while learning about community resources and building active listening and peer counselling skills. A past participant shared her experience by saying, “participating in the Rooted in Community volunteer training was a very worthwhile and rewarding experience; I learned so much about the many caring people who give so generously of their time and energy to help others in our community, and in the process, the workshop helped prepare me to be a more well-informed and confident volunteer myself.”

In addition to practical skills, women gain confidence and become empowered as they share life experiences with the group, and build a stronger sense of community.

The course is beneficial to women who may be feeling isolated or disconnected, women who are new to the area and wish to get to know their community and make friends, or women with barriers to full employment seeking transferable skills to enhance their resume and job prospects. The program also benefits Nelson and the surrounding area by providing thoroughly-trained, knowledgeable volunteers who go on to contribute to the Women’s Centre and many other local organizations.

The next Rooted in Community will run June 3 to 26. Apply soon as there are limited spaces available.  Interested women should call Leah at 250-352-9916 or leah@nelsonwomenscentre.com for info.