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Write a letter, change a life, at Write for Rights day in Nelson

Letter writing supplies will be supplied at the Nelson Library on Dec. 9
Letter-writers at the 2021 Amnesty International Write for Rights day at the Nelson library. Photo: Submitted

Submitted by Amnesty International, Nelson Chapter

Nelson’s Amnesty International group is once again inviting the community to join in their annual global letter-writing campaign across 200 countries, a long tradition of attempting to right some of the world’s biggest wrongs.

The result will be scores and scores of hand-written letters, landing on official desks, shining light on human rights abuses in Canada and around the world.

Last year, local supporters wrote more than 170 letters. This year we hope to replicate that. Come and bring a friend!

Letter-writing day is Saturday, Dec. 9, at the Nelson Public Library, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“These letters have the power of transforming people’s lives” says Mike Chapman, Nelson Amnesty organizer. “They send hope, telling people that they are not alone, and they tell rights abusers that the world is watching them.”

This year the focus is on people who have had their rights and freedom attacked, whether for speaking out in defence of their communities, criticizing government policies, or for supporting women penalized by strict reproduction legislation.

Among them are Chaima Issa in Tunisia, arrested for speaking out about the threat to human rights after a government overthrow. In Alabama, Rocky Myers has spent over 30 years on death row after a trial full of inconsistencies. In the United Arab Emirates, blogger and human rights activist Ahmede Manssor is currently in prison for his criticism of government policies. And in Poland, Justyna Wydrzynska has been convicted for helping a woman in an abusive relationship access a safe abortion.

All writing materials will be provided, as well as information packages should people want to do their writing at home.

For more information, contact Chapman at 250-354-4791.