Cabaret at Nelson’s Oxygen Art Centre

With new beginnings for Nelson's Oxygen Art Centre the theme of this year’s cabaret, End of Times, New Beginnings, seems fitting.

With new beginnings on the horizon for the Oxygen Art Centre the theme of this year’s cabaret, End of Times, New Beginnings, seems fitting.

Miriam Neeroba has stepped into the role of executive director after Nicola Harwood departed for Vancouver.

This year’s cabaret will be slightly different than past years under the direction of Harwood but with Steven the Art Star as the host, the audience is sure to enjoy the evening.

“To try and fit in with year and everything we chose end of times but we thought that was too depressing so we thought, end of times; new beginnings, because what happens when the world ends?” said Lucas Myers who is Steven. “We sort of asked some local artists, dancers and filmmakers to create a three to five minute piece around that theme. We’ll see what happens.”

The end of times has been a trend in many local art productions including KHAOS the opera and Myers’ last production iShow.

“I think it partly has to do with all the shit that’s going down like the recession and the economy and the bubble burst and according to the Mayan’s 2012 is the end of the calendar,” said Myers. “I think people are re-examining a little bit what we do and how we do it and to kind of extend that to what happens.”

Steven the Art Star first made his appearence in Myers’ production Hello Baby 2.

“There was also an art auction at Touchstones that he was part of. Steven the art star is a guerilla artist,” he said. “He’s a one man flash mob and he does Reiki and deep tissue massage for very reasonable rates. He lives the artist lifestyle and is as crazy and eccentric as that would entail.”

The cabaret will also feature artist like Bessie Wapp, Krista Lynch, Joel Cottingham, and a special guest Appearance by Nicola Harwood and Brahm Taylor as Ilsa and Klaus.

The cabaret is Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21 at  8 p.m.. Tickets are $20 to 15 on a sliding scale are available at Eddy Music and the door.