Celebrating festival fever in Nelson

{vurb} editor Megan Cole reflects on her music festival experiences as festival season begins this month.

The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State hosts Sasquatch Music Festival every year in May.

The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State hosts Sasquatch Music Festival every year in May.

The first time I went to the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington state was about seven years ago to see the Dave Matthews Band.

My love for music at that point was well developed. I was going to as many concerts as my bank account and schedule would allow.

The Gorge had been built up as a Pacific Northwest mecca for music lovers and I was on a pilgrimage.

I remember when our car came over the hill and began to descend towards the Columbia River. The sun was setting and a golden hue had enveloped the whole area.

My friend from the front seat said, “Get ready!” What I didn’t realize was I was getting ready for what would develop into a love affair with that music experience.

I’d been to concerts at the Commodore, the Royal Theatre in Victoria, GM Place (when it was still GM Place), Richards on Richards, the Orpheum and more, but I’d never been on a trip where the whole reason for being was the music.

When I returned to the Gorge two years later it was for Sasquatch Music Festival.

While the location alone was enough to bring me back, the line-up of musical acts which included Nine Inch Nails, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ben Harper and Relentless 7, Erykah Badu, Bon Iver, the Decemberists and more definitely sealed the deal.

With my concert buddy we set out from Vancouver to the Gorge.

Being at a music festival is a true eat, breath and sleep (maybe) music experience.

In the Kootenays we are lucky to be in a location surrounded by music festivals featuring various genres of music from electronic to folk to jazz and beyond.

This issue of {vurb} will get you ready for everything music festival in the Kootenays and beyond.

We’re featuring 13 festivals from the big like Shambhala Music Festival at the Salmo River Ranch to the tiny like the Tiny Lights Festival in Ymir.

We’re also going in depth looking at fashion, food and art with a story with Branda Christofferson, a local weaver who will be a vendor at festivals like Starbelly Jam and an interview with Tantrum Desire who play the Rock Pit at Spiritbar.

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