Lucas Myers will appear as Randy from Creston during a Trailer Park Boys event featuring Mr. Lahey and Randy at Spiritbar on February 20.

Lucas Myers will appear as Randy from Creston during a Trailer Park Boys event featuring Mr. Lahey and Randy at Spiritbar on February 20.

Celebrating redneck culture

Randy and Mr. Lahey of the Trailer Park Boys will join Kootenay acts at Spiritbar on February 20.

Randy from Creston considers himself to be a benevolent redneck.

“He’s this sweet-hearted guy,” said Nelson comedian Lucas Myers, who plays the mullet-sporting character.

“If one of your belts goes in Yahk and you have to pull over in your 1989 Jetta and go into the local bar, Randy’s the guy working in the back who will take you to his house in a beat-up Camaro he has to start with a wrench. He’ll get the tools and use his boss’ cheap rate at the local Lordco to get you another belt and then he’ll take you back to your car and accept twenty dollars for gas money.”

According to him, that’s just how rednecks operate in the Kootenays. But in a few weeks he’ll be doing an opening performance for an entirely different type of redneck when he welcomes Randy and Mr. Lahey of Trailer Park Boys fame to Spiritbar on February 20.

He said they don’t quite operate in the same way.

“They’re kind of the law in the trailer park, which I know is a contradiction of terms. But we share a name, right? Kind of a slam dunk there. The way I figure, there are different kinds of rednecks everywhere but they all share a similar philosophy,” he said.

And that philosophy has been misrepresented.

“You know, Randy’s really upset that people think rednecks are small-minded and bigoted. He’s trying to change that, and that’s a little bit what his show is about.”

To prove his point, Randy pointed out that he’s “environmentalistic” and a “fem-nist”. He even plays in a folk thrash band called Savage Peace, the group responsible for an environmentally themed ballad called The Apologization.

He said his set should warm up the crowd.

“It’s just going to be classic Randy, you know? He’s coming in from Creston and he’s excited to be hanging out with those guys. He’ll be talking about his life, about being on acid at 15 in a mountain lake, classic redneck stuff.”

But he can’t stick around all night.

“He’s got these three kids at home. He’s got one set of twins and he always connects them by mistake, thinks he’s only got two. That’s why he won’t be able to pull an all-nighter.”

After his set, Randy and Mr. Lahey will take the stage.

“From what I’ve heard the show is really quite interesting. They go pretty far afield, Randy and Mr. Lahey,” he said, noting he’s heard rumours their show involves reciting Shakespeare.

“It will appeal not just to rednecks, but to lovers of rednecks and people that aren’t rednecks at all,” he said.

He said the event should be a raucous success.

“I think there’s going to be a glow emanating that night, a dark flaming glow that you might want to jump over in the middle of the night at a bush party.”

When asked if he ever plans to grow a beer gut that would rival Randy’s, he gave his lean stomach a punch.

“Oh, give me time,” he said.

There will be a prize given for the best Trailer Park Boys Costume. Doors open at 9 p.m. on February 20.

The night will also involve performances by local punk act Drunk on Purpose and DJ Cass Rhapsody.

Tickets are $20 plus tax, and are available from the Hume Hotel.