James & Jamesy are the comedic duo starring in High Tea at the Capitol on Wednesday and Thursday.

James & Jamesy are the comedic duo starring in High Tea at the Capitol on Wednesday and Thursday.

Comedic duo return to Capitol

James & Jamesy star in physical, aquatic-themed adventure comedy High Tea on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you’re planning to attend High Tea, the two-night physical comedy playing at the Capitol on Wednesday and Thursday evening this week, be sure to bring a tea cup.

The Tetley-sponsored show, featuring duo James & Jamesy, brings the comedic pair back to Nelson for an aquatic-themed adventure that involves plentiful audience participation and no shortage of warm tea.

“Last year we were here in Nelson for 2 for Tea,” said Jamesy, who is played by Alastair Knowles. “They were clamouring for us to come back with more for them to chew on. After touring the country, we are pleased to bring our new show to Nelson.”

The show, which won awards at the Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal and London fringe festivals, is an epic celebration of the imagination.

“Think Jaws, think Titanic, think Waterworld or Noah’s Ark. The premise is: what happens when tea floods the world?” said Jamesy, who describes himself as an “eccentric chap” who rarely leaves his London flat.

The show follows the unusual pair as they meet for a weekly tea party.

“I’m more of a stoic, bluish-collar man about town, and I come over for a weekly tea party at Jamesy’s house. And it’s that part of the week, between the events of my regular life, that’s the silver lining in my week. Jamesy’s imagination takes me to worlds far beyond what I on my own, in my daily life, would discover,” said James, who is played by Aaron Malkin.

“And just as James comes to the tea party as an opportunity to feel some vitality in every day, the audience gets to come and experience the awe and amazement of life. The audience becomes an integral part of the adventure,” said Jamesy.

“People’s imaginations are so powerful that if you tell them what they’re seeing, they will see that and perhaps not so much more. In High Tea, we really allow people’s imaginations to reign supreme.”

The pair have been compared to Monty Python, Abbot & Costello and even Dr. Seuss. Their act is appropriate for all ages.

James & Jamesy are teaching theatre for a second year at L.V. Rogers. They said working with students is extremely fulfilling.

“We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for students in Nelson for us to do the show in concert with the classes and workshops. It’s a unique experience for us all,” said James.

The show plays at 7:30 on October 22 and 23.

For more information visit jamesandjamesy.com. For tickets visit capitoltheatre.bc.ca or call 250-352-6363.