Deekline plays Nelson’s Spiritbar

As Deekline prepared for his show in Nelson on Friday night, our friends at Shambhala caught up with him to talk music and touring.

Deekline takes the stage at Nelson's Spiritbar with Soup on Friday night.

Deekline takes the stage at Nelson's Spiritbar with Soup on Friday night.

The UK’s Deekline has travelled around the world sharing his unique style. He’s played Shambhala and is now headed to Nelson to play Spiritbar. Shambhala’s Christine Hunter, ricardO Hubbs and Britz Robins caught up with Deekline before the show Friday.

1. Your music is credited for influencing the emergence of dubstep. What is it about your sound that it would receive this credit?

When I stared out in 1999 the beats we used were producing used similar grimmy production techniques minimal beats and dirty ghetto bass. I think this evolved in to Grime and then Dub step

2. What advice would you give to other young DJs wanting to make such a big splash?

I think to you have to be unique, and hive a real drive to do something different than what is out there. Almost like a good energy with in you drive and spiritual vision

3. Electronic music is just beginning to break into the mainstream in North America. The UK already having gone through this transition, can you offer any insight on as to where it’s going in North America?

I think dub step has opened up a lot of doors, as it has almost crossed in to the rock market I would be nice to see other genres get a similar recognition:) I think thing go in cycles

4. You’ve done many compilations, what is the most memorable one to date and why?

I think it has to be pure garage in 2001 as it represented a massive movement that took over in the UK

5. You’ve been on tour in Canada before, what was the highlight of the last tour?

all the gig were amazing! I think one of my favourite gig was in Tofino, we also came face to face with a bear that was fun!

6. Any comments on your Shambhala 2011 experience?

I feel like the vibe and location fits perfectly with vibe and spiritual connection I have with the people ‘ I feel very blessed to be a part of my favourite festival and such a magical vibe