Detroit-based band Electric Six plays the Spiritbar in Nelson on Wednesday.

Detroit-based band Electric Six plays the Spiritbar in Nelson on Wednesday.

Electric Six to play Spiritbar

Electric Six takes the stage on Wednesday night at Spiritbar.

Electric Six is no ordinary band.

Their music doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before.

With songs like Gay Bar, Danger! High Voltage and French Bacon the band demands your attention with lyrics and instruments that at times call on references from ‘80s synth and beyond.

“I always call us nervous rock music,” said lead singer Dick Valentine. “It starts with me and I’m a very nervous individual but we also have five people in the band that come from five different background. It’s hard not to have different sounds going on.”

Even though Electric Six was founded in 1996 in Detroit under the name The Wildbunch, the band didn’t achieve mainstream success until 2003 with the launch of their hit song Danger! High Voltage.

The release of the track was not only accompanied by rave reviews and mass popularity but rumours around the mysterious additional male voice.

“Anytime it is actually Jack White doing the singing and you’re trying to pretend it’s not, then yes, rumours do happen,” said Valentine about White’s performance on the track.

“It was a long time ago and we haven’t seen him in seven years.”

Popularity came for Electric Six in the U.K. before breaking into the States.

“It was great because I’d never been to the U.K. before the band took me there. It was amazing. Surreal is probably the best word to describe it.”

Valentine and the band played Spiritbar last year, captivating the crowd with their energy and gripping guitar playing.

“Just being in the town and staying in the Hume Hotel, the overall experience is great,” he said. “It’s not the largest population there, so it’s an intimate show for us, but we enjoy it. You can’t always [enjoy] playing the Enormodome in Syracuse, New York.”

Electric Six plays Spiritbar on Wednesday.

Ticket information is available at The Hume Hotel.