Lisa Luckett of Lucky Cupcakes adds a lot of love to her special cupcakes.

Lisa Luckett of Lucky Cupcakes adds a lot of love to her special cupcakes.

Feeling lucky

Lisa Luckett shares the love behind her handmade organic cupcakes.

Lisa Luckett may spend her mornings preparing her beautiful handmade cupcakes, which are sold at Lucky Cupcakes, but when it came to baking for her husband, who first wowed her with his kitchen skills.

“I was gluten free at the time,” she said. “He made me a gluten free cake and left it for me as a surprise. But now I bake for him.”

Luckett used to be a fiber artist and it was her creative spirit and love of the craft that drew her to cupcakes.

“I like that when you take cupcakes to a party or bring them home, they are sort of like little bits of happiness that you can bring out into the world,” she said. “They bring people together. I think that’s great. That’s exactly what our world needs more of, to sit down together and have a cup of tea and a cupcake and have fun.”

On Monday, Lucky Cupcakes began unveiling their Valentine’s Day flavours.

Luckett spends a lot of time creating new and unique flavours that change seasonally.

“My new favourite is the Red Velvet,” she said.

Red Velvet cake traditionally got its ruby colour from the cocoa used in the mix but as the processing of cocoa changed so did the colour of the cake which is why dyes were introduced.

“We use all natural dyes,” said Luckett. “We also use all organic flours and flavours.”

The dye used to colour the Red Velvet cupcake is derived from beets.

Luckett said that since Lucky Cupcakes opened in August, the community has embraced what they are doing.

“We closed for two weeks and people were emailing us through Facebook begging us to come back because they missed our cupcakes,” she said.

Oso Negro has created a unique blend of coffee for Lucky Cupcakes called Feeling Lucky which is served in a Tru Brew pour over method where each cup is brewed fresh.

“There’s an endless number of reasons people get a cupcake, I’m discovering. I’m still learning all the ways cupcakes can make things fun,” she said.