Nelson DJs take the stage at Spiritbar

B-ron, Yan Zombie and Bryx take the stage at Spiritbar on Friday night.

Yan Zombie is one of three DJs playing at Spiritbar.

Yan Zombie is one of three DJs playing at Spiritbar.

Nelson DJs B-ron, Yan Zombie and Bryx will be taking the stage at Spiritbar tomorrow night showcasing three unique styles. Before they get the crowd moving, the crew from Shambhala Music Festival got a chance to ask them a few questions. Bryx is currently out of town on tour but will be back for the show.


What is it that makes a party become a legend?

I think it starts with the basics. Good positive vibes and great people. If the intention is there for a quality night, it will happen.

How are you involved with the Rock Pit stage at Shambhala Music Festival? What has been the best part about it?

I have been working with the Rock Pit for four years now. I started off as a talent host/volunteer/DJ, doing whatever tasks needed to be done around the stage. After numerous talent suggestions over the years, I currently am acting as the assistant talent director, which involves putting the line-up together. The best part about this roll is going shopping for artists over the winter months. Getting to put a wish list together of your favourite artists best suited to a specific stage is quite the experience. Overall though, my favourite part about being involved with Shambhala is watching the festival grow from May to August.

How many years have you attended and performed at Shambhala Music Festival? What has been your favourite moment?

This will be my 10th Shambhala experience! I’ve performed at the festival for the past four years. It is extremely hard to narrow my favourite moment down to just one. But my first time performing at Shambhala was pretty spectacular. I had no idea I was playing that year, but I had my gear with me just in case. I was informed by a fellow staff member 15 minutes before I was supposed hit the stage to play a “special guest” slot. Ran, got my gear, came onto stage, and realized I was in front of a FULL Rock Pit crowd! It was really nerve racking .. but soo incredible!

Yan Zombie

Although you call Nelson home, you’ve toured seven different countries. What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you while on tour in another country?

Vs., Emotionz and I were walking down a street in Cluj Napoca, Romania late at night .. and one of us said, “hey, is that a pack of wild dogs? And do a bunch of the wild dogs have only three legs? Let’s go back to the hotel.”

What makes Shambhala Music Festival special from other festival in your opinion?

No corporate sponsorship! Also, the infrastructure that comes from having the jam in the same location each year and being able to build on it.

Doors open at 10 p.m. tonight at Spiritbar and ticket information is available at the Hume Hotel.