Drunk Uncle plays The Royal in Nelson on Thursday

Drunk Uncle plays The Royal in Nelson on Thursday

Nelson punk rockers take the stage at The Royal

From Windsor to Nelson, Drunk Uncle has grown together in their talent and in their experiences as a band.

Punk rock is all about a lack of pretension. Hailing from Ontario, but relocating to the Kootenays, the members of Drunk Uncle formed their band under the best kind of premise. They are the best of friends, who decided to buy instruments, learn to play, and form a band together while drinking.

Without the typical conventions of serious musicians, everyone learned to play together, but not just on a single instrument. Ryan Hallewick, Justin Moroz, and Ben Holek would convene in their jam space, work on song ideas, and use each others strengths. Whoever was strongest on drums, with the stamina to play their version of classic So-Cal skate punk, got the stool for that song, and so on. It’s a fresh version of musical chairs, and has a surprising effective.

The X factor in this equation of course, is their propensity to live up to their moniker, and consume beer and alcohol, sometimes to excess.

Like gasoline on a fire, three already-fiery personalities in the band, rocking at full throttle, plus alcohol, can lead to yelling, shoving, and destruction of instruments and objects. Don’t be afraid, the risk and danger is all part of the fun.

Vancouver’s Babysitter, and possibly a couple more punk bands, open the show at The Royal on Thursday, July 12.

Tickets are $7 at the door and doors open at 8 p.m.