Lucas Myers presents Vote 4 Cromoli at Nelson's Capitol Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights.

Lucas Myers presents Vote 4 Cromoli at Nelson's Capitol Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights.

Nelsonites invited to meet the candidates for supreme leader

Lucas Myers brings his latest production Cromoli 4 Supreme Leader to Nelson's Capitol Theatre stage this weekend.

Born out of the thigh of a God, and mind of local actor and creator Lucas Myers, the Cromoli Brothers are back and are running for supreme leader in Cromoli 4 Supreme Leader.

Demi-Gods St. John and Hasbro Cromoli may have a lofty past but their paths crossed as children in small town Saskatchewan.

“They developed this bond because they were rejects and started, some how, doing this vaudeville show,” said Myers.

Audiences familiar with Myers’ work may be familiar with the Cromolis from his production In the Beginning: The Origin of the Cromoli Brothers.

“I wanted to do a new Cromoli brothers show,” he said. “I was watching what was going on with the American election and was really struck by the absurdity of the campaigns, and all campaigns really.”

The absurdity of the American election paired well with the outrageousness of the Cromolis and their run for supreme leader began.

Myers was excited by the idea the Cromolis, these completely unknown vaudevillian guys, would run for supreme leader with full confidence and excitement.

“In the past Hasbro has never shown up; the audience has never met or seen him,” said Myers. “This will be the first time ever Hasbro will be part of the show.”

In an attempt to maintain his anonymity, Hasbro will be participating in the campaign from behind a mask.

“I think he might be a bit more reticent but he is gung-ho,” said Myers. “St. John is a bit more unstoppable. His brother never shows up, so he just goes ahead anyways with full faith something will happen and it will be interesting.”

The Cromolis embrace the values of a good vaudevillian show: The show must go on and it must be interesting at all costs.

“Whether or not your brother shows up, or you have get an audience member up on stage to blow into a melodica while he’s playing a David Bowie cover, the show will go on,” said Myers.

In attempt to reach the masses, the Cromoli campaign has attempted to bring in the interests of their voters.

Myers has been conducting polls through a blog asking the audience for their thoughts on decriminalization of various drugs, cats, membership in gender specific social clubs and more.

“The results will be announced during the show,” said Myers. “I think right now there will be cats in the Cromoli regime and there are all sorts of other options people can vote for.”

In true campaign form the Cromolis have swag including shirts designed by Meghan Hildebrand, mugs by Eva Myers McKimm and felt action figures by Kim O’Brien.

Myers will also be joined on stage by special guests like Clinton Swanson, Wage Swager and the Nelson and Kootenay Boundary District Ladies Auxiliary Ukulele Choir (and Gentleman).

Cromoli 4 Supreme Leader opens Friday night at the Capitol Theatre at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $16 and are available online at, by phone at 250-352-6363 or at the Capitol box office.