Bassbizniz Productions presents Delta Heavy at Spiritbar on Friday night.

Bassbizniz Productions presents Delta Heavy at Spiritbar on Friday night.

Nelson’s Bassbizniz Productions

Shambhala Music Festival does a Q&A with Dave Geddes of Bassbizniz Productions who is bringing Delta Heavy to Spiritbar tonight.

Shambhala Music Festival does a Q&A with Dave Geddes of Bassbizniz Productions who is bringing Delta Heavy to Spiritbar tonight.

1. You have brought a lot of big names to the Kootenays, some old favourites such as Aphrodite, and some superstars like Rusko, Nero, and Zeds Dead , What are some of the things you look for when booking an act?

I only book artists that I have thoroughly researched, listened to and enjoyed myself. I bring music that I love and artists that I support on a personal level too . I try to find upcoming and breakthrough artists who are pushing a new sound and new style in their unique way, something different and new each time.  I am not genre specific, if I like the vibes of the artist, I will do it, whether or not they have millions of hits on youtube or soundcloud.  Its all about the love of the music.

2. Not being originally from Nelson, what is it about the vibe in the Kootenays that made you set up shop here?

I came to Nelson the first time 12 years ago for Shambhala Music Festival, I was instantly drawn to the scenery, healthy lifestyle, thriving music scene,  ski resorts, and future forward thinking that the Kootenays had to offer. I didn’t come here planning on being a promoter or working in the entertainment industry . I came here with a passion for music and a job working on residential/commercial construction around the Kootenays .  I felt after being here a few years there was a lack of the type of bass/electronic music I loved and that there was a demand for it. I was finding myself travelling to Calgary or Vancouver to see the type of acts that I desired, so I gave some of those acts a shot and here we are today.

3. You have been involved with Shambhala for a while now, how have your responsibilities evolved and how has that overlapped into your business?

I started volunteering at the Pagoda stage four or five years ago when it was taken over by current stage manager Robbie Campbell. I was instantly ambitious and inspired to help build and transform the stage with him and his many great ideas and projects. Its come a long way and I am really excited about the future and for whatever I am able to contribute to it. The Shambhala family (or farmily as they like to say ) have became great inspirations and close friends which has helped me in every day life and also  learning how to have a successful business in this industry. Without the festival,  the culture and knowledge of music in this area wouldn’t be what it is today. Im proud to support an independant, family run, non corporate event which gives back a ton to the community and its economy every year.

4. Why is it important for you to support local talent as well as bringing in international acts?

I’m a huge believer in supporting local talent and giving new producers/djs from the area a shot at exposing their music on a big stage and in front of an international headliner. If I am able help network/support a local artist in any way at all and boost their career, I feel I’ve done my job. The more local artists, producers, and djs that come up,  the more exposure our community gets on a global scale. It creates a healthy competition between artists and drives them to excel in their artform. The Kootenays have alot of talent that needs to be heard out there!

5.  Your next show is Delta Heavy on Friday, March 30  at Spiritbar, what can people expect from this UK duo?

Delta Heavy right now is one of the the fastest rising acts in drum and bass/drumstep and bass music, being recently signed to Ram Records, owned by the #1 drum and bass DJ in the world Andy C, they have been brought to the forefront of the electronic music scene with many remixes and tracks getting millions of plays on the internet and being played by many of the top artists in the business. Expect up front banging bass music across the board with tons of unreleased material. This is a must see for any fan of drum and bass music ranging from styles such as Aphrodite, Dieselboy, Camo and Krooked, and Subfocus.

6. It seems like every year gets bigger for you, with 2011 being a huge year for you, how do you forsee expanding in 2012?

This year we are focusing on bringing musically diverse, upcoming artists who incorporate live vocals/mc’s with their music as well a few big returns by some of our favorites! Look for a brand new website, limited edition t-shirts and stickers coming soon. Stay in touch with all thats happening on our fan page