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Nelson's Dustin Stashko offers a list of songs to keep you motivated

It’s a new year, which means you probably made some new resolutions... these song’s will help you keep that positive energy up every day

It’s a new year, which means you probably made some new resolutions;  maybe to lose some weight, read more books, or start to exercise. I support you with whatever resolution you made! Why? Because I didn’t make one. It’s less disappointing that way. I’m still angry that my last resolution to invent hoverboard technology didn’t come to fruition. I blame the government.

Here’s the thing though, you need to keep that positive energy up every day to make those resolutions a reality (hippy statement), and these song’s will help you get there!

The Beach Boys – “Barbara Ann” Come on, seriously? These guys are the KINGS of keeping people positive. Except for that whole thing with them last year when the band kicked Brian Wilson out... Again. Whatever, POSITIVITY!

Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band – “Kodachrome” probably the best  Paul Simon cover. The words and the beat will keep your mind focused on that resolution of yours.  “... All the world’s a sunny day...”

Cloud Cults – “Lucky today” They sing about having 25 cents in the wallet, and one foot in the grave, but they still feel lucky about today! Really, so should you.

Dire Straits – “Walk Of Life” From the opening of this song, to the simple chorus “he do the walk of life,” it will make you do the same.

Rogue Wave – “Lake Michigan” This band has a somewhat crazy history. Drummer Pat Spurgeon had to take a portable dialysis machine on tour, due to kidney failure. The untimely death of past member and close friend to the band Evan Farrell would hit a band pretty hard as well. Instead of letting it grind them down, they fought back and their music is still some of the most uplifting tunes you could listen to.

Lord Huron – “Time To Run” Let’s  say your resolution was to love unabashedly this year, and to open your heart up to anything that comes your way. This pure Americana vibey time will help you out with it. Promise.

David Bowie – “Modern Love” This song came out when Bowie was probably at the height of his pop success, and was wildly successful. Why? Because it makes you dance. Dancing (even if it’s like an idiot) leads to smiling, which then leads to positivity.

Gorillaz– “Feel Good Inc.” The Gorillaz always combined fun beats with catchy vocals that you probably didn’t know the words to. I just looked up the lyrics to this one, and my mind is blown. I’ve been singing it incorrectly for years.

Jonsi – “Go Do” This is music that can make you just “DO,” as the title implies. The pulsating drum throughout, and the sincere lyrics “We should always know that we can do anything” should convince you enough to listen to this one. It’s a nice way to round out to the playlist as well, because it ends on such a high note.