Nelson’s Dustin Stashko reviews Oberhofer

Nelson's music guru Dustin Stashko review's Oberhofer

Dustin Stashko shares his review for the new album by Oberhofer.

Dustin Stashko shares his review for the new album by Oberhofer.

Nelson’s music guru Dustin Stashko review’s Oberhofer

Two weeks ago I had no idea who Oberhofer was. I just enjoyed saying his name. O-Ber-Ho-Fer. Sounds like a beer you’d get in Munich or something, but as exotic as his name is he’s actually from Tacoma Washington.

This guy is so new that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet. Going to pat myself on the back for this newfound “hipster cred” I’ve earned for discovering him. I’m just going to sip my Pabst Blue Ribbon and wear my plaid about it…

I randomly stumbled upon Time Capsules 2 and didn’t realize that my ear-holes were in for a treat. This album has infectious hooks, whistling, and every track will put a smile on your face.

Once you get your head wrapped around his sickly sweet voice, you’re going to be captivated by this album. There’s something fresh and new about this but at the same time, it sounds vaguely familiar. The song titles are funny as hell too. Away Frm U, oOoO are fantastic songs that are probably text messages that he’s sent to a girlfriend that he recently broke up with. As we all do. Some more than others. Who has two thumbs and has done that before? THIS GUY. (Points at self)

I digress; every song has a catchy bass line, and will have you bobbing your head in no time. The lyrics don’t really break any boundaries, but they’re sincere, and you can’t help but get a warm feeling inside when he bares his soul. Keep in mind he’s only 19 years old, so when he writes about love… he actually means it.

It’s this type of anthemic music that you’re going to crank up loud this summer while barbecueing. Enjoy this one!

Stand out tracks:

Away Frm U

I Could Go