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Nelson's music guru shares a festival playlist

With music festivals on the horizon Nelson's Dustin Stashko shares some essential songs for your festival playlist.
Bon Iver takes the stage at Sasquatch Music Festival this summer and Nelson's music playlist master Dustin Stashko adds him to his music festival playlist.

I love this time of year. Music festivals basically happen every weekend, Coachella just happened, and the Sasquatch Music Festival is at the end of the month... There’s an energy in the air. There’s also jealousy — broke people who can’t afford any of them seethe in their own rage, those who can have an absolute blast and create memories that they’ll never forget. Some are drunken/stoned memories, but memories nonetheless... This playlist doesn’t just include artists who are playing at this year’s festivals, but artists who have in the past, or should be on a stage in a festival at one point... I should note that I’ll be attending Sasquatch at the end of the month, and it will be my first EVER festival. I’m preparing myself for shenanigans, and I hope to hell that I’ll be of sound mind to actually listen to the music coming off the stages... Also note that this playlist is going to be terribly hipster... as I’m writing this, I’m wearing plaid and sipping PBR – hipster staple.

MGMT: Time To Pretend – MGMT have headlined Coachella in the past. They never get old. This song’s about enjoying the present moment. “I’m feeling rough/ I’m feeling raw/I’m in the prime of my life” are words that anybody can sing at any age.

Bon Iver: Beth/Rest – BON EYE-VER? BON E-VER? BONNY BEAR?! – I’ve gotten into many an argument about how to pronounce his name, but that aside... What an amazing songwriter. He’s been at Coachella, and will be headlining Sasquatch. This deserves to be in your ears all the time.

Tenacious D: Tribute – Jack Black (yup the actor) and KG are back! Seeing them live this summer will make anyone’s life complete. With their hilarious lyrics and surprisingly great guitar licks, they’re going to be entertaining.

Fun.: We Are Young – The period in their name is very important. This song is everywhere at the moment and for good reason — It rocks. Seeing them perform this song live at Sasquatch will be amazing.

Florence and The Machine: Shake It Out – “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back”  With Florence Welch’s booming voice reverberating off everybody’s heart in an outdoor environment, it’ll make it a bit easier to dance...

Jack White: Love Interruption – After Jack White left The White Stripes, I thought that he was going to quit music. I was wrong. He came back with fire in his belly. He’s going to blow the doors off any festival he plays at this summer.

Beck: Where it’s at – Beck is a powerhouse. Everybody should be in awe when he hits a stage. Let’s hope he doesn’t subliminally preach his Mormon into his songs on the stage... He wouldn’t. He seems cool. You know, with his long hair and everything...

Radiohead:  Bodysnatchers — Thom Yorke is the man. He gives the middle finger response to record labels everywhere, and does his own thing. Even on stage. Just to witness a Radiohead show could make history. He does something different each time. Great way to end this playlist.