Nelson’s music guru shares a long weekend playlist

Nelson's Dustin Stashko is back with another playlist and this week's is all about enjoying the long weekend.

George Thorogood's One Bourbon

George Thorogood's One Bourbon

It’s the long weekend, and let’s be honest… there’s going to be drinking involved. Why? Well quite simply, you deserve it.

I’m not trying to romanticise drinking. Remember these wise words before listening to this playlist: “Everything in moderation.” After you listen to this one, when that sun is beaming down upon your head and you crack that 26th well deserved beverage, you might be intoxicated. I’m talking needing-subtitles when-you-speak-intoxicated. Enjoy!

Presidents of The USA: Cleveland Rocks – Little bit of peppiness to start things off. You’ll recognize this one as the theme for one of the greatest TV comedies ever made; The Drew Carey Show. If you don’t agree with that statement, I will fight you.  CLEVELAND ROCKS.

Spirit of The West: Home for a Rest – This tune’s been on ever “jock-rock” playlist ever conceived. I’ve been gone for a month; I’ve been drunk since I’ve left. Has never sounded as good as when you’re half way done a drink.

The Champs: Tequila – Classic song from the 60’s. Instrumental…. Horns…. Tequila!!!

The Black Lips: Lock and Key – This song will make you want to buy a pack of smokes, some Budweiser (aptly mentioned in the song), and look as hardcore as possible while dabbling in both. This might be harder for some people. Pro-tip: Aviator sunglasses can make a kitten look hardcore. You’re welcome.

Replacements: Beer for Breakfast – One of the most influential punk bands from the 80’s. This is pure, unadulterated fun.

The Strokes: Last Nite – These Indie heavyweights know how to party and craft a catchy tune! Just don’t screw with lead singer Julian Casablancas when he’s on stage with a bear in hand… He spits some venom.

Irish Rovers: Wasn’t That A Party? – This tune explores the dark side of drinking with hilarious consequences… Will we ever learn?

Stevie Wonder: Superstitious – A feel good song. Look around you. You’re with your friends. You’ve got mo-town, you’ve got the sun, and you’re alive. Can’t get much better than this.

George Thorogood: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer –Well this just HAD to be on here. eight minutes of pure heaven.