Nelson’s playlist guru shares his Spring Thaw Playlist

Nelson's Dustin Stashko shares another one of his playlists and this week the theme is spring.

The Beatles make Nelson's Dustin Stashko's Spring Thaw Playlist.

The Beatles make Nelson's Dustin Stashko's Spring Thaw Playlist.

Dustin Stashko shares another one of his playlists and this week the theme is spring.

Spring time is my favourite time of the year. It’s when the snow starts to melt, girls start wearing more scantily clad outfits, and it gives us guys more of an excuse to not wear shirts. I don’t much care for pants either, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll keep them on. This week’s playlist has songs to get you jacked for Spring! Let’s call it the Spring Thaw playlist that can melt even the coldest of winters.

Thunderclap Newman : Something In The Air — Classic post “flower-power” song with one of the best piano solos ever created. You’ll smile when this one’s playing

Tanlines : All Of Me — A brand new track from Brooklyn outfit, “Tanlines”. This one’s just damn fun. Get on that dance floor and dance like no one is watching… Cause they’re probably not!

Doobie Brothers : China Grove — A delight to everybody who fancies themselves as an “Air Guitarist”. The first 8 seconds of China Grove will make you take off that bulky winter coat, put on the invisible guitar strap, and rock out with your…. uhhh  (fill in the blank_________) out!

Delta spirit: California — When Delta Spirit aren’t banging on trash cans for percussion, they sing fantastic songs. Like this one. About losing someone and being the bigger person to accept that they’re probably better off with someone else. No… Not depressing, I swear it’s in the spirit of Spring! Let the old feelings melt away, and welcome new stuff (like spring)! – Weak analogy, but you get it.

Modest Mouse: Float On — With lyrics like: “I backed my car into a cop car the other day, well he just drove off sometimes life’s OK”,  I dare you not to be stoked about everything about your life  when this comes over your speakers!

Fleetwood Mac : Don’t Stop — It’s simple. “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”! Need I say more?

My Morning Jacket : Wonderful — From their latest album Circuital, MMJ say it how it is. Lots of positivity in this acoustic gem, and upon listening closely you could SWEAR they’re singing about Nelson.

Gob : For The Moment — What’s a playlist without a little punk?! These BC natives know how to write a tune that will make you get up and start doing things that you’ve been putting off all winter. Like finally using those rotten bananas in your freezer that you’ve been stocking up on to ultimately make banana bread. Okay…. So they didn’t have that in mind when they wrote it. Or did they…?

Gotye : In Your Light — Gotye’s more famous song Somebody That I Used To Know is a heart wrenching song, but surprisingly enough, most of his songs are upbeat! Snap your fingers, tap your feet, and grin all the way through this energy fuelled track.

The Beatles : Dear Prudence — “The sun is up. The sky is blue. It’s beautiful, and so are you”- Lennon wrote this one to get a girl to come outside of her room that she held herself in for weeks. I think we all feel like that at one point in the winter. Time to get out!