Nelson’s stash trax shares sounds for an out of body experience

Nelson's Dustin Stashko is back and is sharing his playlist inspired by a morphine high following surgery.

Dustin Stashko - from Nelson's 103.5 FM The Bridge - calls on the musical talents of Beck to help him through his morphine high.

Dustin Stashko - from Nelson's 103.5 FM The Bridge - calls on the musical talents of Beck to help him through his morphine high.

Dustin Stashko returns with another great edition of Stash Trax

There’s a story about how Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer) wrote some of his best songs by taking Ritalin and drinking tequila. In no way am I as talented or crazy as he is but as I write this, I am out of my mind just like he was when Hash Pipe was conceived. See, I just got out of a surgery and am on some very heavy painkillers. I’m not writing any songs, but just a simple mix-tape. So in honour of Rivers, I figured this week’s theme — to quote The Pixies — Where is my mind?

The Grateful Dead: Uncle John’s Band. I’m suddenly transported to the late ‘60s taking a trip on the famous “Magic Bus”. And I’m fitting right in.

Tame Impala: Half Full Glass of Wine. Rockers from Australia. This tune sounds like an amalgamation of the best of The Beatles and Zeppelin. This is heavy.

Beck: E-pro. All the lyrics my mind can retain right now? Na Na Na Na (the next few lines are where the song gets complicated): Na Na Na Na Na. This is perfect and catchy.

The Beta Band: Human.The Beta Band must have written most of their music on hallucinogens because at this point in my experimentation, I have to wonder… Is anybody else craving blueberry pie?

Holy Ghost!: Some Children. Great spacey song. This band’s ahead of their time. Also… Is that Michael (expletive) Macdonald from the Doobie Brothers?!? Reason enough to listen to this one. Repeatedly.

Donovan: Sunshine Superman. My mom always said this song was “head music”. Not too sure what she meant by that until this moment. But since she grew up in the ‘60s, I’m on to her…

Silversun Pickups: Melatonin. Melatonin creates a lightening of the skin. But with crunchy guitars, and a bass line that will punch you, all this song will create is a beaming smile. That was lame. Let me start over. Wait… I lost my train of thought. WHERE’S MY EDITOR?!

David Bowie: Young Americans. This song has all I need in life at this moment. Horn section, piano, Motown backup singers. So many sounds coming into my ears right now. Blowing. My. Mind.

Wilco: Handshake Drugs. From their seminal album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, this song’s obviously kind of literal. Seven minutes of pure gold.

Queens of the Stone Age: Feel Good Hit of the Summer.Tongue in cheek song about drugs. They only sing five words in this song. “Nicotine, valium, Vicodin, ecstasy and alcohol…” Ridiculous, but you’ll be bobbing your head to this none-the-less.

Editor’s note: Dustin reported last week that he’s feeling “fantastic” and is back at work entertaining locals on the morning show. I’d also like to add my pick Where is My Mind by The Pixies.