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Oddball-duo Hank and Lily to take the Nelson stage

Victoria-based musicians Hank and Lily will be unveiling their latest album at Nelson's Spiritbar on Saturday night.
Victoria-based duo Hank and Lily celebrate their CD release at Spiritbar on Saturday.

The characters that have become known as Hank Pine and Lily Fawn came together as bandmates sharing the stage with Victoria musician David P. Smith.

The duo had both been involved in various musical projects before, but it was on stage at a Hank Williams themed New Years Eve party where Hank and Lily as they are known now performed.

“[Smith] told us we should do a song together,” said Lily. “We were so excited. We were going to do The Angel of Death, and then all of a sudden we decided we should dress up in new costumes.”

Hank as he is in the comic books that preceded the musical part of the project, is a gas-mask wearing murder suspect.

By his side is Lily a half-deer woman who is known to kidnap babies.

The oddball pair has become identified by their unique vaudevillian-style performances, but Lily said this comes from their decision not to place themselves in any particular musical category.

“We like punk, jazz, rap and everything in between,” she said. “In the same vein as Ween, we just don't like to play one style. We want to play it all, and vaudeville really is that.”

In addition to their electric music, Hank and Lily also lend themselves to the multimedia, interactive and comedic aspects of vaudeville.

But Lily said to anyone expecting a traditional interpretation of vaudeville, the performance that accompanies their new album is going to offer up a completely new experience.

“This new album is electro-pop, disco, rock music,” she said. “I don't know if people will connect it to vaudeville as much because it doesn't have that old-timey feel, but more of a futuristic, electronic feel. It will still have all those other characteristics of interacting with the audience, making it funny and over the top.”

Hank and Lily were in the Kootenays in August where they played Shambhala Music Festival's Rock Pit stage.

The performance featured go-go dancers (who will take the stage in Nelson), the pair incorporated various dance routines into their songs, and there was a distinctly more futuristic tone.

“People who were at Shambhala got a little taste of the new album, but that festival has its own vibe that can't be described or repeated in anyway,” said Lily. “We were doing that hilarious electro-pop show there, and it was a lot of fun.”

While the duo is best known in Canada, they have travelled two Europe four or five times.

Even though many experiences and memories come back with Hank and Lily from their travels, Lily said there are a couple that stand out.

“We got to play with Gibby Haynes in New York City,” she said. “He is so strange and interesting. We were chatting with him and he asked us to come back in a couple days and play his birthday party. We thought it was pretty awesome and we played his party.”

Lily also had the opportunity to dance on stage with hip hop artist MIA.

“She was performing and she called me up to come and dance with her on stage,” she said. “I had to shake my booty so hard just to keep up with her. It was amazing. At first I was being all shy and then Hank just shoved me. It was fabulous and so fun.”

Hank and Lily will be returning to Nelson on Saturday to play their CD release party at Spiritbar.

Vadim Kristopher will open.

Ticket information is available at the Hume Hotel front desk and doors open at 10 p.m.