Leah Evans

Leah Evans

Pretty Faces coming to the Capitol

The inspirational documentary is full of impressive steep snowy mountain faces skied by women, including pro skier Leah Evans.

The all female ski film Pretty Faces is coming to Nelson next week. The inspirational documentary is full of impressive steep snowy mountain faces skied by women, including pro skiers Leah Evans and Izzy Lynch who are based out of Revelstoke.

The October 7 showing is part of the Canadian Tour brought to you by Girls Do Ski with the intent to provide positive role models for women and girls of all ages. It’s goal is to be a source of inspiration.

Leah Evans, originally from Rossland, wrote about what it was like to be a skier featured in the movie.

“What is it like to try? This is the question that I set out to explore last season as a professional skier and advocate of female skiing. Having been a professional skier for the last eight years, I’ve been very fortunate to explore, film and work with some of the leading professionals in the industry. However, I had yet to push my athletic boundaries to showcase what I could ski on film. When friend, professional skier and now filmmaker Lynsey Dyer decided she would be the change in the ski industry and spearhead an all female ski movie, I knew I had to use my resources and commit to this project.

“The support fueling Pretty Faces has been astonishing. For example, the crowd-sourced Kickstarter campaign raised over $113,000. But beyond the monetary support, the unity that has been created throughout the female ski community has been outstanding. This feminine-centric media space has provided us with an outlet to express our own version of courage, grace, confidence, and vulnerability.

“Personally, while filming for this film, I exercised my potential and came to a humble understanding of how much work (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) it takes to film a segment for a ski movie. I remember one distinct moment when I was standing on top of a cliff and realized the amount of energy I had put into just “trying” to get one shot. It included organizing a cinematographer, sledding 20 kilometres and ski touring for two hours, all just to stand on top to talk myself into dropping. Needless to say, I didn’t land the cliff. But I learned what it was like to commit; to try, and to know that I supported myself in my jump.

Uniquely this project has also encouraged female athletes to spearhead their own filming projects and trips. One of the highlights of my season last year was when fellow professional skier, Izzy Lynch, and I ventured to Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing in Blue River, BC, to challenge what we could do on skis. From multiple pillow drops and steep lines this was our time to go for it, ski fast and calculated.

This movie is all about support; it’s about the support that you need when standing on top of a cliff; it’s about the support that you need to commit that next drop; it’s about the support you need to pursue your potential.

“I predict (and hope) that in the next few years we will see a younger generation of female skiers going ever bigger and pushing the limits with new pretty faces to take the reigns.”

Girls Do Ski offer freeski camps for females across BC and held a camp at Whitewater last year.

“For me personally, Girls Do Ski has been a huge source of inspiration and helping me make changes both on my skis and in my personal life,” said Sarah Woods from Girls Do Ski.  “The messages Girls Do Ski offers their participants about facing fears, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things are all messages mirrored in this film. Our hope is that by bringing Pretty Faces to Nelson, these important messages will reach girls and women and continue to create inspiration and powerful change.

More information on Girls Do Ski and the Canadian Tour of Pretty Faces: girlsdoski.com.

For information about Pretty Faces, go to unicornpicnic.com

Advance tickets are $10 at Capitol Theatre prior to the October 7 showing. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the film starts at 7 p.m.