The Shambhala Music Festival 'farmily' celebrated their Breakspoll award festival win for best large event at their Nelson headquarters.

The Shambhala Music Festival 'farmily' celebrated their Breakspoll award festival win for best large event at their Nelson headquarters.

Salmo’s Shambhala Music Festival wins international award

Salmo's Shambhala Music Festival has one from a small local festival to an international phenomenon winning their latest Breakspoll award.

Shambhala Music Festival added the Breakspoll award for best large event to its collection this week.

“I am so excited. I am so proud of our team,” said Corrine Zawaduk, production manager for Shambhala. “To win an award in London from Salmo BC is so incredible.”

The Breakspoll awards — which are the international breakbeat awards – are decided via online poll.

In the category of best large event, Shambhala was up against Breakfest in Australia, Shake&Break in Russia, Summer Festival in Spain and Burning Man.

“It’s huge for us because it was by popular vote and all the fans vote for their favourite festival,” said Zawaduk. “That award is based in the United Kingdom, and a lot of the other events on the roster were based in Europe. For us to win means that internationally we’re getting noticed. We’re just a little word of mouth festival out here in the Koots. It’s pretty incredible.”

Shambhala has adopted a motto that it takes to heart: “it’s all about the people on the dancefloor,” and one dance floor at Shambhala caters particularly to the music highlighted at the Breakspoll awards.

“In a lot of ways I thank we can thank Rich-e-Rich for his preferential treatment of breaks for the award itself,” said Zawaduk. “He’s really crafted that whole sound and vibe on his stage and really truly it’s his award as well. He’s really targeted those folks over the years.”

Rich-e-Rich joined Shambhala after being approached by promoters in 1998.

“When we arrived to the farm I immediately fell in love with the space and knew instantly that this is where I belonged. It was magnetic to say the least,” said Rich-e-Rich.

When he toured the grounds he was given the opportunity to choose where he would set up.

“Although the guys wanted me to be out where the Village stage is now, I was completely drawn to my place in the forest. It was magical and something in my heart said this is it. I’ve been there ever since and that was the day the Fractal Forest™ was born. I will never forget it,” said Rich-e-Rich.

The theme of Fractal Forest™ is “happy vibes with organic roots, sprinkled with cutting edge technology.”

Part of that cutting edge technology is PK Sound which quickly gaining recognition internationally for a high sound standard.

“Our DJs and artists are in the very heart of the forest with the audience in a 360 degree dancefloor surrounding them,” said Rich-e-Rich.

Building on a truly unique music experience, Rich-e-Rich incorporates props and set designs which have become trademarks of the show.

“We create custom forest creatures that exude fun and funkiness and we also have bunch of pyramid structures that we do visuals and video mapping on,” he said.

For Rich-e-Rich breaks have always been a passion and said that they are the foundation of what he does musically in Fractal Forest™.

“It’s an honour to be recognized by your peers,” said Rich-e-Rich about the recent Breakspoll win. “We never expected to start receiving awards for what we do but when it does happen you feel good inside and it inspires us to keep going and to push the envelope even further.”

Shambhala 2012 takes place at the Salmo River Ranch from August 8 to 13.