The 18th annual Shambhala Music Festival will feature six different stages and over 20 hours of music a day.

The 18th annual Shambhala Music Festival will feature six different stages and over 20 hours of music a day.

Shambhala reaches 18th year

Festival will feature six different stages and more than 20 hours of music a day.

Once the Shambhala Music Festival gets into full swing this August, there will be approximately 20 hours of music a day from familiar acts such as Skrillex and first-timers like Jazzy Jeff, Mix Master Mike and DJ Harvey.

“We’ve got six different stages and each one has great headliners,” said  Shambhala entertainment and digitial media administrator Jake Dubconscious. “We’re feeling incredibly excited about this year. We’re bringing some big-name crowd favourites that people have been screaming for, but we’re also bringing legends who have never been here.”

Dubconscious believes Shambhala has been building an international reputation, and it shows.

“We’re pulling household names, and not just electronic music.”

He said once the full schedule goes up in July, festival-goers will be able to plan their entire concert-watching itinerary in advance.

“You can pick out which sets you want to catch and make your own schedule. You can ever set it up to get notifications and social media alerts when the concert’s happening, so your whole team can posse up and go check it out.”

He said each of the six different stages will have a unique vibe.

At the Fractal Forest stage, the focus will be on funk and break beats.

“It should be full of turntable wizardry, lots of scratching and throw-back party-rocking jams.”

Meanwhile, San Fransisco’s Dirty Bird Records is taking over the Pagoda stage and will present seven acts for nine hours on Friday night.

“They’re a very popular label, and they’ve been pushing the future of house music. It’s got a bass-y, garage influence. It will be straight up house and techno.”

Dubconscious said Dirty Bird Records is an exciting inclusion.

“They were ahead of the game last year, providing the most played track — OKAY by Shiba San. Now we’re bringing the whole crew and you’re likely to hear the track of 2015 coming from them as well.”

At the Village stage, Skrillex will be headlining.

“He’s pretty much the hottest name in electronic dance music. He came in 2011 and hasn’t been back since, basically because he’s become incredibly expensive, but this year we were finally able to make it happen.”

The Amphitheatre is a “bit of a mixed bag”, according to Dubconscious. He said this year it will be primarily trap music.

“It’s very gangster, revolves mostly around the 808 drum machine. The biggest names they’ve got this year are Crnkn and Herobust.”

The Living Room stage will feature DJ Harvey.

“He’s been in the game for a long time, but he doesn’t play festivals or even get out of L.A. much anymore. The stage directors of the Living Room have been trying to get him for years and years,” Subconscious said.

“He’ll be doing an extended four-hour set.”

Last but not least, the Grove will feature trip hop producer Bonobo as a headliner, as well as fan favourite Tipper.

“This is our newest stage, and it’s only at its second in existence. This time around we’re focusing on glitch-hop and psychedelic dub.”

All in all, Dubconscious is convinced the festival, which runs from Aug. 7 to 10, will be one of their best yet.

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