Tantrum Desire plays Nelson's Spiritbar on Saturday night.

Tantrum Desire plays Nelson's Spiritbar on Saturday night.

Tantrum Desire plays Nelson’s Spiritbar

Tantrum Desire is set to play Nelson's Spiritbar on Saturday night before they take the stage at Shambhala this summer.

The southeast London based duo Jay Faleye (producer and DJ) and Devin Smith (DJ), who go under the name Tantrum Desire, are taking the stage at Spiritbar this weekend. Nelsonites will get a chance to hear what has been gaining a lot of international acclaim before the duo takes the stage at Shambhala. The team from Shambhala caught up with Fayleye before their show on Saturday night.

1. Coming from a very influential scene and time in the UK, what was the greatest obstacle to overcome to make your mark on the music scene?

To be honest, as the producer, I just wrote what I liked to hear. I didn’t rack my brain on trying to get a sound that no one else had heard before. The sounds I was writing were influenced by many different genres of music but kind of developed in their own way, I suppose. I think the obstacle was just keeping up with the sound progression and quality in Drum & Bass, and all electronic music. There is so much good music out there, so I guess that obstacle is ongoing.

2. Your first show to kick off the tour was Toronto at the newly established Chroma bar. How did that go?

The Chroma gig in Toronto was really good! Was a big start to the tour. Toronto is such a great city for Drum & Bass music, the amount of fun and love that the people brought to the event was really overwhelming! The venue was recently refurbished to a modern look, sort of had a transformers theme to it. It was something new and the de-sign was very cool!

3. Tantrum Desire will be headling on the Rock Pit Stage at Shambhala Music Festival. First of all, are you two excited? And secondly what have you heard about Shambhala?

So far I’ve learned that the Shambhala festival is taking place in the mountains of BC and holds 10,000 people. The event has been talked about by others quite a lot whilst on my Canada tour, which is getting me very excited! This is one event Im really looking forward to!

Doors for the Saturday night show at Spiritbar open at 10 p.m. Ticket information is available at the Hume Hotel.

For more information about Tantrum Desire visit: myspace.com/tantrumdesire