Traps has dance party written all over it: Dustin Stashko

Traps has dance party written all over it: Dustin Stashko

The soundtrack to your night of becoming god is from a band called Humans.

You know when you’re at a concert, and a song comes on that just begs to be danced to? You look around, and nobody else is dancing, then you think to yourself: “Are people not liking this song? Are they crazy? Or am I missing something here? Is this not good music?”

So you wait until you start to see someone else make the first move to the dance floor. You don’t want to the “that” person who dances by themselves all night. Those people are so lame, but you’re kind of jealous of them at the same time.

The song is half-way through, and still nobody has touched that dance floor. Now you’re thinking: “To hell with what others think! For once I’m going to be bold. This is my time to shine!”

So you get out there, and start dancing. Not like a lunatic though, because you still want to keep your composure, and that person across the bar totally checked you out. Play it cool, you got this. Oh, what’s happening now?  Other people are shuffling to the dance floor? Yes they are! You started this dance-fest and you, my friend, are a golden god. All thanks to the music that was playing.

The soundtrack to your night of becoming a god is from a band called Humans. You may have heard of this Vancouver based indie-electro duo, because  one half of them is originally from Nelson, Robbie Slade.

Released in early 2012, their album Traps has the words “dance party” written all over it.

From the starting gate “Hell Me” builds the foundation for what’s in store on the rest of the album by laying down a  catchy synth line.

Most songs flow seamlessly into the next, steering you in all the right directions. “De Ciel” has a powerful chorus and on the last note, the stand out track “Possession” starts up. With some drums that tick away, it will have your feet clamoring to find something to dance on.

Traps is riddled with  bass lines, hand-clapping, foot-stomping and is just what you need to hear on a weekend night. The only problem with it is that it’s very short, consisting of only seven songs ( if you don’t count the three remixes). At least Humans keep us wanting more, and hoping their future efforts will sound as flawless as this.

Humans will be dropping by Nelson next month, so let’s all be golden gods on that dance floor!  Kapeesh?