Chrissy Murderbot will be at Spiritbar this Friday

Chrissy Murderbot will be at Spiritbar this Friday

Yan Zombie Presents: Chrissy Murderbot

Chris Shively is a DJ, producer, and staple of Chicago’s dance music scene

The Yan Zombie presentation series returns this Friday, February 7 with international dance music producer Chrissy Murderbot.

I have been buying and playing Chrissy’s tracks for years and I’m super excited to have one of my favourite producers come through and rock the dance.

Chris Shively is a DJ, producer, and staple of Chicago’s dance music scene, performing as Chrissy Murderbot (juke / footwork / bass music) and Chris E. Pants (disco and house).

Now based in Brooklyn, he runs the hard-hitting juke label Loose Squares, the sleazy house label Sleazetone Records, and the now-legendary My Year of Mixtapes blog.

Since beginning in the ’90s rave scene, Chrissy has played 600-plus gigs in 20 countries, and done official remixes for Star Slinger and Teki Latex, Shaun J. Wright and Alinka, Ssion, Machinedrum, Starkey, and others. His original productions are found on labels like Hypercolour, Planet Mu, HaloCyan, Loose Squares, and Hyperboloid Records.

Chrissy was kind enough to answer a few questions about his musical ideas.


Yan Zombie: First off, thanks for coming through Nelson. What inspires you to write a new tune?

Chrissy Murderbot: My inspiration always comes from some little idea, whether it’s a melody or a specific rhythm or even just a sound. Some little idea will hit me while I’m on my bike or walking to the store or laying down about to fall asleep, and then I have to make a song out of it!


YZ: Does humour have a place in electronic dance music?

CM: I think that humour has a place in all art. It shouldn’t be totally silly and meaningless, but it shouldn’t be 100 per cent serious and sober either. After all it’s supposed to be party music!


YZ: What is your earliest memory of wanting to make music?

CM: I was seven or eight, and I first started hearing music from my older family members that incorporated elements of DJ culture: mainstream stuff like Coldcut, or the Pet Shop Boys, or Deee-Lite, or Crystal Waters. I didn’t really have a solid understanding of dance music culture at that point, but I knew I wanted to make that kind of music.


YZ: Do you have a favourite piece of gear?

CM: My laptop. I sold all my hardware a few years back and I’m all software-based now. As far as actual hardware goes though, I’m really fond of the Roland Alpha Juno or MKS-50 with the PG-300 programmer attached.


YZ: Where’s your favourite city to play?

CM:  I have a lot of fave cities to play: Chicago, London, Bristol, Berlin, Barcelona, Mexico City, Tokyo…


Don’t miss Chrissy Murderbot  tonight at Spiritbar. Tickets are only $10 at the door. PhilthKids and Yan Zombie will also be spinning, with special guest Zes Nomis opening things up.