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Social media front door challenge still kicking around in B.C.

Some B.C. homeowners experiencing recent 'door kick' or 'door knock' prank incidents inspired by social media
A social media-inspired challenge is still alive and kicking in Surrey.

A challenge inspired by social media is still alive and kicking in B.C.

While the "door kick" or "door knock" challenge has been circulating on social media including TikTok for awhile and is nothing new, Surrey RCMP confirmed they have received recent reports of such activity in the South Surrey, Newton and Cloverdale areas of the city.

Most of the "challenge" incidents are innocuous, but can be scary for homeowners, as the incidents usually occur late at night and involve the perpetrators banging on the door very loudly, or kicking it hard, causing a lot of noise and in some cases, damage. Reports of recent incidents have been circulating on social media, with some pointing to reports of teens being charged after participating in the challenge in the U.S.

"This is not a new phenomena, however, we have noticed that in some of the files, the door that was kicked had some damage," Surrey RCMP Cpl. Sarbjit Sangha said via email.

She noted the RCMP's Community Response Units are familiar with these incidents, and that and each file is investigated on its own merit.

"CCTV footage is always helpful when we are able to see the suspect's face," Sangha said. "In most cases, the suspects are allegedly young teenagers. These incidents have been reported mostly at night, but some have occurred during the day."

Law enforcement's message to anyone thinking of participating in any similar challenge is serious.

“It may be fun and games for you, but could cause trauma to the person on the other side of that door. You could also get arrested and charged with mischief," Sangha said.

"We encourage parents and caregivers to have a conversation with their teens and explain the consequences of this type of behaviour."




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