Kootenay Waste Services’ staff member Karl services a restaurant in Ainsworth.

Kootenay Waste Services’ staff member Karl services a restaurant in Ainsworth.

Surprisingly affordable garbage service in the Kootenays

Affordable, dependable and convenient residential and commercial services from Kaslo to Castlegar

Jon Carlson has crunched the numbers and knows his garbage collection service is the best, not to mention the most affordable, in the Kootenays.

“I feel like people don’t realize how inexpensive it is to use our service,” he says.

Kootenay Waste Services covers a vast area stretching from Kaslo down to Nelson and over to Castlegar and the Slocan Valley. For those in rural areas not covered by a city garbage service, Carlson, the owner-operator of Kootenay Waste Services, says it is cheaper to go with them than to do it yourself.

“Our pricing structure is set up to be the same as what it costs a family to take a load or two to the dump per month,” Carlson says. “There is no benefit to doing it themselves.”

The company even has customers that use them on top of their city garbage service. “We have customers we service seven times a week, once a month and everything in-between,” Carlson says.

When road conditions are bad or customers are located within Nelson’s notoriously difficult terrain, the company utilizes their 4×4 satellite truck to get the garbage and take it back to the main truck.

The local business has been running for over 20 years and Jon bought it in 2016. He learned the ropes from the previous owner’s daughter Simone Cullen, who grew up around the business and now drives the company’s Nelson route.

Carlson is passionate about keeping money local and gives back to the community donating to initiatives including Redfish Elementary’s hot lunch program, Kaslo’s Maypole fundraiser, Nelson Waldorf School’s new roof, and Kaslo’s logger sports. Jon has volunteered his time and equipment to Kaslo’s community garden, Nelson Lions Club’s Canada Day pancake breakfast, and the Loki Lot’s fire smart events. It’s also company policy to support every lemonade stand, when safe to do so, to encourage young entrepreneurs in the area.

“It’s what makes a community,” Carlson says. “All the money we earn stays in the Kootenays.”

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Residential garbage services

  • Rural pickup: $14 per month, $1.50 per bag up to 30 pounds, no minimum or maximum needed.
  • Weekly service and (if qualified) bi-weekly
  • Rewards for referrals — a period of free service

Commercial garbage and recycling

Kootenay Waste Services handles both large and small accounts. They hold the contract for the Village of Kaslo’s residential pickup (some 500+ houses) plus commercial needs such as Nelson’s Prestige Hotels, Jackson’s Hole & Grill, and some large apartment buildings.

The company is solution-focused, “We don’t make people conform, we tailor our system to the needs of the customer,” Carlson says. “If a small business doesn’t need a big front load dumpster, we find a way to accommodate them.”

  • Dumpster bin rental is $20 per month with no hidden fees. “That’s how people have come to know and like us,” Carlson says. “Your invoice is your rent and disposal fees and that’s it.”

Kootenay Waste Services:

Call 250-353-2080 or sign up online at KootenayWaste.com. View the full route service map online.

They accept e-transfer, direct deposit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Apple Pay, and cheque. If you’re a credit union member you can add them as a utility payment. Invoices sent by email or regular mail.


Some of Kootenay Waste Services’ truck fleet.

Some of Kootenay Waste Services’ truck fleet.

Kootenay Waste Services rents out these dumpsters for commercial use.

Kootenay Waste Services rents out these dumpsters for commercial use.