West Kootenay/Boundary Election 2018: Who won?

West Kootenay/Boundary Election 2018: Who won?

Learn who will be serving on council, school board, and regional district in your area

Unofficial results as posted on CivicInfoBC

(x) denotes incumbent

CAPS denotes elected

NELSON (Turnout: 55%)

(y) denotes candidates running under Coalition of Responsible Electors slate

Mayor (3)

DOOLEY, John 2,290

Kozak, Deb (x) 1,904

Brown, Bernie 121

Council (19) (Top 6 elected)


ANDERSON, Brittny 1,862

WOODWARD, Jesse 1,813

RENWICK, Cal (y) 1,765

MORRISON, Janice (x) 1,578

PAGE, Keith 1,389


Richichi, Rob 1,058

Cherbo, Robin (x) 1,052

Stacey, Marg 1,049

Hillaby, Michelle (y) 1,037

Kalabis, Robbie 1,031

Reiner, Joseph 944

Adams, Bob (x) 939

Shields, Brian (y) 912

Hauck, Travis (y) 864

Payne, Leslie 819

Barker, Laureen 712

Wiggins, Stephanie (y) 682

Jeanes, Charles 254

Withdrew: Keczan, Heather and Purcell, Anna (x)

CASTLEGAR (Turnout: 47%)

Mayor (3)

TASSONE, Bruno (incumbent councillor) 1,328

McIntosh, Deb (incumbent councillor) 774

Chernoff, Lawrence (x) 738

Council (11) (Top 6 elected)

PRICE, Bergen 1,688

RYE, Dan (x) 1,584

MACLEOD, Cherryl 1,537

MCFADDIN, Maria 1,389

VASSILAKAKIS, Florio (x) 1,356



Hergert, Nicole 1,155

Sylvest, Janna 1,031

Smitheram, Brian 1,021

Maddocks, Tyler 940

Lamont, Gordon 861

CRESTON (Turnout: 49%)

Mayor (3)

TOYOTA, Ron (x) 972

Hutchinson, Bill 907

Blackmore, Mary Jayne 355

Council (11) (Top 6 elected)

DEBOON, Arnold 1,267

TZAKIS, Ellen 1,204

COMER, Jen (x) 1,191

ELFORD, Jim (x) 1,190

UNRUH, Karen (x) 1,120



Wilson, Joanna (x) 979

Goforth, Karen 900

Drinkle, Trish 881

Cherkas, Debbie 786

Magrum, Dallas 609

Withdrew: Vigne, Brandon

Referendum question: Do you support borrowing $4.5 million to build a new fire hall? YES 1,298 NO 874 (passed)

FRUITVALE (Turnout: 54%)

Mayor (2)

MORISSETTE, Steve (incumbent councillor) 595

Cecchini, Patricia (x) 196

Council (8) (Top 4 elected)


KENNY, Lindsay 465

KNISS, Bert (x) 428

WENMAN, Bill 399


Cresswell, Lila 373

Ellison, James (x) 247

Webber, Tabatha (x) 245

Farnum, Carrie 176

Withdrew: Underwood, Fred

GRAND FORKS (Turnout: 49%)

Mayor (3)

TAYLOR, Brian 755

Baker, Everett 699

Smith, Gary 94

Council (13) (Top 6 elected)


KROG, Neil (x) 769

MOSLIN, Chris 734


KOROLEK, Cathy 683

THOMPSON, Christine (x) 622


Hammett, Chris (x) 588

Butler, Julia (x) 554

Wyers, Cher 534

O’Donnell, Danna 494

Piper, Kyle 471

Halluck, Stanley 359

Hoekstra, Arnold 241

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000? Result unavailable

GREENWOOD (Turnout: 60%)

Mayor (2)

SMITH, Ed (x) 191

Pratt, Ron 147

Council (7) (Top 4 elected)

SHAW, Gerry (x) 225

NATHORST, Jim (x) 214

BOLT, John 207

LANG, Colleen (x) 180


Cudworth, Lee (x) 178

Payne, Rob 141

Arnell, Timothy 48

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000? Results unavailable

KASLO (Turnout: 69%)

Mayor (3)

HEWAT, Suzan (x) 260

Shadrack, Andy 247

Mackle, Pat 68

Council (7) (Top 4 elected)

LEATHWOOD, Molly 428

KNOLL, Kellie (x) 404

VAN MILL, Henry (x) 386

LANG, Rob (x) 321


Rasmussen, John 229

Halliday, Michael 135

Halliday, Geoffrey 105

MIDWAY (Turnout: 48%)

Mayor (2)

FROMME, Martin 136

McMynn, Doug (x) 121

Council (Elected by acclamation)

DUNDSDON, Richard (x)


METCALF, Darrin (x)


Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000? Results unavailable

MONTROSE (Turnout: N/A)

Mayor (2)

WALSH, Mike (incumbent councillor) 230

Danchuk, Joe (x) 161

Council (6) (Top 4 elected)

COOK, Cindy (x) 266

CARON, Paul 255

STEEP, Rory (x) 240



Bouthillier, Lynda 206

Schmidt, Royce 143

NAKUSP (Turnout: 53%)

Mayor (2)

ZELEZNIK, Tom (incumbent councillor) 561

Lafleur, Bob 106

Council (9) (Top 4 elected)

DESANDOLI, Susan 501

NEUFELD, Janis 447

HUGHES, Joseph 413



Heppner, Len (x) 239

Tobey, Bill (x) 238

Kitto, Reny 198

Rooks, Lee 76

Withdrew: Brookes, Clayton and Riediger, Mike

NEW DENVER (Turnout: 76%)

Mayor (2)

CASLEY, Leonard 165

Bunka, Ann (x) 101

Council (5) (Top 4 elected)

MOSS, Colin 228


FYKE, John 167

WAGNER, Gerald 140


Meier, George 131

McMillan, June 114

Withdrew: Wright, Gary

ROSSLAND (Turnout: 46%)

Mayor (Elected by acclamation)

MOORE, Kathy (x)

Council (13) (Top 6 elected)

MOREL, Andy (x) 764


BOWMAN, Chris 691

LEWIS, Dirk 590

SPOONER, Stewart 587

FORSYTH, Scott 557


Soltice, Richard 472

Lake, John 464

Greene, John (x) 457

Baley, Deke 420

Quince, Fletcher 365

Enns, Caroline 329

Zwicker, Andrew (x) 102

Withdrew: Spearn, Jill

Andrew Zwicker also withdrew, but not in time to remove his name from the ballot

Referendum: Do you agree to the RDKB disposing of sewer service infrastructure to the City of Trail and City of Rossland? Results unavailable

SALMO (Turnout: 56%)

Mayor (2)

LOCKWOOD, Diana (incumbent councillor) 270

White, Stephen (x) 245

Council (6) (Top 4 elected)

HUSER, Jaqueline 422

HEATLIE, Jonathan (x) 343

SEGALL, Farrell 305

ENDERSBY, Jennifer 289


Danforth, Dan (x) 270

Dimock, Steve (x) 239

SILVERTON (Turnout: 61%)

Mayor (2)

CLARKE, Jason (x) 68

Broughton, Don 17

Council (elected by acclamation)



MAIN, Leah (x)

YOFONOFF, Arlene (x)

Withdrew: Bell, Carol (x)

SLOCAN (Turnout: 48%)

Mayor (Elected by acclamation)

LUNN, Jessica (x)

Council (5) (Top 4 elected)

PELLETIER, Joel (x) 97

PERRIERE, Madeleine (x) 91

VAN BYNEN, Burly (x) 85

BULLER, Ezra 76


Dufault, Denise 73

TRAIL (Turnout: 39%)

Mayor (3)

PASIN, Lisa (incumbent councillor) 1,487

DeFerro, Bryan 706

LeMoel, Casey 69

Council (Elected by acclamation)


CACCHIONI, Robert (x)

DOBIE, Carol (x)


JONES, Colleen

SANTORI, Sandy (x)

Withdrew: Joseph, Ron

Referendum: Do you agree to the RDKB disposing of sewer service infrastructure to the City of Trail and City of Rossland? Results unavailable

WARFIELD (Turnout: 47%)

Mayor (2)

LANGMAN, Diane (x) 416

Milne, Tom (incumbent councillor) 212

Council (5) (Top 4 elected)

HILL, Jim 454

PARKINSON, Arlene (x) 441

MASLECK, Raymond (x) 435

YUNKWS, Cyra 427


Gage, Jaimie 312

Referendum: Do you agree to the RDKB disposing of sewer service infrastructure to the City of Trail and City of Rossland? Results unavailable


Area A (East Shore)

JACKMAN, Garry (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area B (Rural Creston) (Turnout: 29%)

WALL, Tanya (x) 536

Goforth, Keith 421

Area C (Rural Creston) (Turnout: 38%)

CASEMORE, Adam (incumbent Creston councillor) 188

Mulder, Tony 118

Rempel, Elvin 95

Withdrew: Binks, Larry (x)

Area D (Rural Kaslo)

WATSON, Aimee (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area E (Rural Nelson) (Turnout: 32%)

FAUST, Ramona (x) 747

Goldsbury, Reggie 370

Withdrew: Eggie, Patrick

Area F (Rural Nelson)

NEWELL, Tom (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area G (Rural Salmo)

CUNNINGHAM, Hans (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area H (Slocan Valley)

POPOFF, Walter (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Do you support a mosquito control service for Winlaw at a maximum cost of $74,400 per year? YES 118 NO 339 Defeated (Turnout: 42%)

Area I (Rural Castlegar)

DAVIDOFF, Andy (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area J (Rural Castlegar) (Turnout: 27%)

SMITH, Rick (x) 363

Zaitsoff, Gord 320

Area K (Arrow Lakes)

PETERSON, Paul (x) (Elected by acclamation)


Area A (Beaver Valley)

GRIEVE, Ali (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area B (Columbia River)

WORLEY, Linda (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area C (Christina Lake)

MCGREGOR, Grace (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000? Results unavailable

Area D (Rural Grand Forks)

RUSSELL, Roly (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000? Results unavailable

Area E (West Boundary)

GEE, Vicki (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000? Results unavailable


Area B (includes Trout Lake and Beaton) (Turnout: N/A)


Buhler, George 67

Stuart, Doug 58



COONS, Becky (Elected by acclamation)

Rural Creston (Top 2 elected)

BEEBE, Cody (x) 756

GRIBBIN, Allan 699

Huscroft, Rebecca (x) 599

East Shore/North Shore

TRENAMAN, Lenora (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Nelson/Bealby Point

MASLECHKO, Bill (x) (Elected by acclamation)

WALSH, Sheri (Elected by acclamation)


CHEW, Susan 573

Gotzy, Lance 180

Slocan Valley/Bonnington

NAZAROFF, Sharon (x) (Elected by acclamation)


LANG, Dawn (x) (Elected by acclamation)


Beaver Valley

GANZERT, Darrell (x) (Elected by acclamation)

MANDOLI, Kim (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Trail (Top 2 elected)

WILSON, Mark (x) 1,335

HANIK, Terry (x) 1,202

Furlotte, Ray 1,076


ZAITSOFF, Catherine (Elected by acclamation)

ALI, Kristin (Elected by acclamation)


SMITH, Gordon (x) 713

Profili, Desiree 451

Warfield/Area B of RDKB/Area J of RDCK

DRIUTTI, Toni (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Areas I/J of RDCK

FERWORN, Teri (x) (Elected by acclamation)


Grand Forks

MASSEY, Jaime (Elected by acclamation)

VAN MARCK, Larisa (Elected by acclamation)

Rural Grand Forks

BIRD, Bronwen 163

Rich, Val 115

Strohmann, Terry 103

Christina Lake

STRUKOFF, Cindy (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kettle Valley North

ZITKO, Rose (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kettle Valley East

JEPSEN, Katie (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kettle Valley West

DANYLUK, Mark (x) (Elected by acclamation)


At Large (Top 2 elected)

DIXON-GROUT, Christine 622

BREKKE, Lora Lee (x) 528

McLaren-Caux, Aidan 404

Struck, Judy (x) 392

Central Zone

TEINDL, Melissa (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Southern Zone

SIMON, Danyea (Elected by acclamation)

Eastern Zone

FARRELL, Rhonda (x) (Elected by acclamation)

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