UPDATED: West Kootenay/Boundary Election 2018: Who’s running?

UPDATED: West Kootenay/Boundary Election 2018: Who’s running?

Learn the candidates for council, school board, and regional district in your area

The following are running in the Oct. 20 local government elections. Candidates running unopposed will be officially declared elected by acclamation on Sept. 24.

(x) denotes incumbent


Mayor (3)

Chernoff, Lawrence (x)

McIntosh, Deb (incumbent councillor)

Tassone, Bruno (incumbent councillor)

Council (11) (6 to be elected)

Heaton-Sherstobitoff, Sue (x)

Hergert, Nicole

Lamont, Gordon

Maddocks, Tyler

McLeod, Cherryl

McFaddin, Maria

Price, Bergen

Rye, Dan (x)

Smitheram, Brian

Sylvest, Janna

Vassilakakis, Florio (x)


Mayor (3)

Blackmore, Mary Jayne

Hutchinson, Bill

Toyota, Ron (x)

Council (11) (6 to be elected)

Cherkas, Debbie

Comer, Jen (x)

DeBoon, Arnold

Drinkle, Trish

Elford, Jim (x)

Goforth, Karen

Karountzos, Jim

Magrum, Dallas

Tzakis, Ellen

Unruh, Karen (x)

Wilson, Joanna (x)

Withdrew: Vigne, Brandon

Referendum question: Do you support borrowing $4.5 million to build a new fire hall?


Mayor (2)

Cecchini, Patricia (x)

Morissette, Steve (incumbent councillor)

Council (9) (4 to be elected)

Cresswell, Lila

Ellison, James (x)

Farnum, Carrie

Fitzpatrick, Vickie

Kenny, Lindsay

Kniss, Bert (x)

Underwood, Fred

Webber, Tabatha (x)

Wenman, Bill


Mayor (3)

Baker, Everett

Smith, Gary

Taylor, Brian

Council (13) (6 to be elected)

Butler, Julia (x)

Eburne-Stoodley, Zak

Halluck, Stanley

Hammett, Chris (x)

Hoekstra, Arnold

Korolek, Cathy

Krog, Neil (x)

Moslin, Chris

O’Donnell, Danna

Piper, Kyle

Thompson, Christine (x)

Wyers, Cher

Zielinski, Rod

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000?


Mayor (2)

Pratt, Ron

Smith, Ed (x)

Council (7) (4 to be elected)

Arnell, Timothy

Bolt, John

Cudworth, Lee (x)

Lang, Colleen (x)

Nathorst, Jim (x)

Payne, Rob

Shaw, Gerry (x)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000?


Mayor (3)

Hewat, Suzan (x)

Mackle, Pat

Shadrack, Andy

Council (7) (4 to be elected)

Halliday, Geoffrey

Halliday, Michael

Knoll, Kellie (x)

Lang, Rob (x)

Leathwood, Molly

Rasmussen, John

Van Mill, Henry (x)


Mayor (2)

Fromme, Martin

McMynn, Doug (x)

Council (Elected by acclamation)

Dunsdon, Richard (x)

Grouette, Fred

Metcalf, Darrin (x)

Schierbeck, Gary (x)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000?


Mayor (2)

Danchuk, Joe (x)

Walsh, Mike (incumbent councillor)

Council (6) (4 to be elected)

Berriault, Don

Bouthillier, Lynda

Caron, Paul

Cook, Cindy (x)

Schmidt, Royce

Steep, Rory (x)


Mayor (2)

Lafleur, Bob

Zeleznik, Tom (incumbent councillor)

Council (9) (4 to be elected)

Brooks, Clayton

DeSandoli, Susan

Heppner, Len (x)

Hughes, Joseph

Kitto, Reny

McLaren-Caux, Aidan

Neufeld, Janis

Rooks, Lee

Tobey, Bill (x)

Withdrew: Riediger, Mike


(y) denotes candidates running under Coalition of Responsible Electors slate

Mayor (3)

Brown, Bernie

Dooley, John

Kozak, Deb (x)

Council (19) (6 to be elected)

Adams, Bob (x)

Anderson, Brittny

Barker, Laureen

Cherbo, Robin (x)

Hauck, Travis (y)

Hillaby, Michelle (y)

Jeanes, Charles

Kalabis, Robbie

Logtenberg, Rik

Morrison, Janice (x)

Page, Keith

Payne, Leslie

Reiner, Joseph

Renwick, Cal (y)

Richichi, Rob

Shields, Brian (y)

Stacey, Marg

Wiggins, Stephanie (y)

Woodward, Jesse


Keczan, Heather

Purcell, Anna (x)


Mayor (2)

Bunka, Ann (x)

Casley, Leonard

Council (5) (4 to be elected)

Fyke, John

Gustafson, Vern

McMillan, June

Moss, Colin

Wagner, Gerald

Withdrew: Wright, Gary


Mayor (Elected by acclamation)

Moore, Kathy (x)

Council (13) (6 to be elected)

Baley, Deke

Bowman, Chris

Enns, Caroline

Forsyth, Scott

Greene, John (x)

Lake, John

Lewis, Dirk

Morel, Andy (x)

Nightingale, Janice

Quince, Fletcher

Soltice, Richard

Spooner, Stewart

Zwicker, Andrew (x)

Withdrew: Spearn, Jill

Referendum question:

Do you agree to the RDKB disposing of sewer service infrastructure to the City of Trail and City of Rossland?


Mayor (2)

Lockwood, Diana (incumbent councillor)

White, Stephen (x)

Council (6) (4 to be elected)

Danforth, Dan (x)

Dimock, Steve (x)

Endersby, Jennifer

Heatlie, Jonathan (x)

Huser, Jaqueline

Segall, Farrell


Mayor (2)

Broughton, Don

Clarke, Jason (x)

Council (elected by acclamation)

Gordon, Kerry

Gordon, Tanya

Main, Leah (x)

Yofonoff, Arlene (x)

Withdrew: Bell, Carol (x)


Mayor (Elected by acclamation)

Lunn, Jessica (x)

Council (5) (4 to be elected)

Buller, Ezra

Dufault, Denise

Pelletier, Joel (x)

Perriere, Madeleine (x)

Van Bynen, Burly (x)


Mayor (3)

DeFerro, Bryan

LeMoel, Casey

Pasin, Lisa (incumbent councillor)

Council (Elected by acclamation)

Butler, Paul

Cacchioni, Robert (x)

Dobie, Carol (x)

Gattafoni-Robinson, Eleanor (x)

Jones, Colleen

Santori, Sandy (x)

Withdrew: Joseph, Ron

Referendum question:

Do you agree to the RDKB disposing of sewer service infrastructure to the City of Trail and City of Rossland?


Mayor (2)

Langman, Diane (x)

Milne, Tom

Council (5) (4 to be elected)

Gage, Jaimie

Hill, Jim

Masleck, Raymond (x)

Parkinson, Arlene (x)

Yunws, Cyra

Referendum question:

Do you agree to the RDKB disposing of sewer service infrastructure to the City of Trail and City of Rossland?


Area A (East Shore)

Jackman, Garry (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area B (Rural Creston)

Goforth, Keith

Wall, Tanya (x)

Area C (Rural Creston)

Casemore, Adam (incumbent Creston councillor)

Mulder, Tony

Rempel, Elvin

Withdrew: Binks, Larry (x)

Area D (Rural Kaslo)

Watson, Aimee (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area E (Rural Nelson)

Faust, Ramona (x)

Goldsbury, Reggie

Withdrew: Eggie, Patrick

Area F (Rural Nelson)

Newell, Tom (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area G (Rural Salmo)

Cunningham, Hans (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area H (Slocan Valley)

Popoff, Walter (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum question:

Do you support a mosquito control service for Winlaw at a maximum cost of $74,400 per year?

Area I (Rural Castlegar)

Davidoff, Andy (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area J (Rural Castlegar)

Smith, Rick (x)

Zaitsoff, Gord

Area K (Arrow Lakes)

Peterson, Paul (x) (Elected by acclamation)


Area A (Beaver Valley)

Grieve, Ali (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area B (Columbia River)

Worley, Linda (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Area C (Christina Lake)

McGregor, Grace (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000?

Area D (Rural Grand Forks)

Russell, Roly (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000?

Area E (West Boundary)

Gee, Vicki (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Referendum: Are you in favor of the RDKB establishing a Boundary watershed management service at an annual cost of up to $160,000?


Area B (includes Trout Lake and Beaton)

Brooks-Hill, David

Buhler, George

Stuart, Doug



Coons, Becky (Elected by acclamation)

Rural Creston (2 to be elected)

Beebe, Cody (x)

Gribbin, Allan

Huscroft, Rebecca (x)

East Shore/North Shore

Trenaman, Lenora (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Nelson/Bealby Point

Maslechko, Bill (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Walsh, Sheri (Elected by acclamation)

Salmo/Taghum/Blewett (1 to be elected)

Chew, Susan

Gotzy, Lance

Slocan Valley/Bonnington

Nazaroff, Sharon (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kaslo-Lardeau (1 to be elected)

Lang, Dawn (x) (Elected by acclamation)


Beaver Valley

Ganzert, Darrell (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Mandoli, Kim (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Trail (2 to be elected)

Furlotte, Ray

Hanik, Terry (x)

Wilson, Mark (x)


Zaitsoff, Catherine (Elected by acclamation)

Ali, Kristin (Elected by acclamation)

Rossland (1 to be elected)

Profili, Desiree

Smith, Gordon (x)

Warfield/Area B of RDKB/Area J of RDCK

Driutti, Toni (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Areas I/J of RDCK

Ferworn, Teri (x) (Elected by acclamation)


Grand Forks

Massey, Jaime (Elected by acclamation)

Van Marck, Larisa (Elected by acclamation)

Rural Grand Forks (1 to be elected)

Bird, Bronwen

Rich, Val

Strohmann, Terry

Christina Lake

Strukoff, Cindy (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kettle Valley North

Zitko, Rose (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kettle Valley East

Jepsen, Katie (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Kettle Valley West

Danyluk, Mark (x) (Elected by acclamation)


At Large (2 to be elected)

Brekke, Lora Lee (x)

Dixon-Grout, Christine

McLaren-Caux, Aidan

Struck, Judy (x)

Central Zone

Teindl, Melissa (x) (Elected by acclamation)

Southern Zone (1 to be elected)

Simon, Danyea (Elected by acclamation)

Eastern Zone (1 to be elected)

Farrell, Rhonda (x) (Elected by acclamation)

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UPDATED: West Kootenay/Boundary Election 2018: Who’s running?

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