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Video of a bear at a Chinese zoo has the web dived on if it is a real bear

A video of the Malayan sun bear was posted and immediately divided the internet on if it was real.

A video of a bear has turned, has dived the internet unlike anything since which colour the dress was way back when.

A video posted to a Tik Tok like social media platform of a Malayan sun bear at Hangzhou Zoo in China has the internet question whether the bear is real or simply a human in a suit. Ever since the video was posted it has gained millions of views and caused much debate over the web.

Zoo officials adamantly deny the allegations that the bear is a man in a suit and insure all of their bears are real. They even realized a statement from the point of view of the Malayan sun bear furthering the point that Angegal the sun bear is real and not a man in a suit.

Experts have also agreed with the zoo that the bear is real and not a man in a suit.

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