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1st Kimberley Scout Group remove car wreck from river bank at Camp Stone

Beavers and Cubs complete month-long Earth Day project


On April 27th and 28th, 2024 the Beavers and Cubs of the 1st Kimberley Scout Group (1KSG), along with Scouters and parent volunteers, braved the on-again-off-again spring weather in the forests of Camp Stone to complete an Earth Day project they have been working on since the beginning of April – the removal of an old car wreck that had washed up on the bank of the St Mary river.

The wreck could have been hauled away by mechanical winch however Scouter Steve Fontaine, long time Scouts Canada Volunteer and lead Scouter for the task, had a different vision.

The Scouts were challenged to do the task by hand using a combination of basic field machines such as gin poles, levers, and roller logs as well as a variety of rope systems to gain mechanical advantage to heave the 600lb+ wreck from the beach.

“I wanted a task that challenged the kids,” said Fontaine. “By using field engineering the kids were able to learn about knots and lashings, block and tackle, mechanical advantage and constructing field machines out of logs – all things they used while problem solving how to get the car up the bank.”

And get the car up the bank they did. Heaving and hauling the wreck along a system of log rails supporting rollers that the wreck travelled on, the Beavers and Cubs successfully removed the car from the rocky beach, on to the foreshore, then up a small embankment from where it was towed to a site for pick up and disposal. The total distance the wreck moved by hand was over 100m.

“With a bit of struggle, sweat equity and hard work the kids were able to demonstrate outstanding teamwork and built some memories along the way,” said Fontaine.

Once the work was done, it was back to the tented camp to celebrate success by enjoying some quality time around the campfire. The crew refuelled with a feast of dutch oven chili cooked over the fire, roasted hot dogs, and – of course – roasted marshmallows. The next morning the crew broke camp and hiked out, a job well done and plenty of memories made for all.

1KSG wishes to extend a special thanks to Kevin Dunnebacke of K-Town Custom Auto for volunteering time to haul and dispose of the wreck from Camp Stone.

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Beavers and Cubs of First Kimberley Scout Group helped removed a car wreck from the bank of St. Mary River in Camp Stone as part of a nearly month-long Earth Day project. 1st Kimberley Scout Group photo.

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