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2021 YEAR IN REVIEW: Photos of the year

Here’s an album of the best photos taken by Nelson Star staff in 2021
Candace Green learned her trade at Selkirk College and now works as an apprentice welder on the new Kootenay Lake ferry. “It is nice to work locally and know that I get to improve myself every day. I’m really fortunate, super grateful, especially being straight out of school.” Photo: Bill Metcalfe

We take a lot of photos in a year. Here are some of our personal favourites from 2021.

L-R, Peter de Groot’s sisters Danna de Groot, Shannon de Groot, and Michelle de Groot, with father Peter de Groot, brother Miles de Groot and sister Kristen de Groot, at the courthouse in Nelson for the inquest into the death Peter de Groot in 2014 near Slocan. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
On Sept 3, the Ktunaxa poet Smokii Sumac performed in the Touchstones gallery for Kootenay Pride, here backed by a piece from the exhibit Alone Time by photographic artist JJ Levine. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
Bat researcher Emily de Freitas in the forest near Nelson in July. In the background, arborist Dylan Neilson installs an artificial bat roost. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
Isabel McAleer as Jo March in the Capitol Theatre youth program production of Little Women with 28 cast members age 12 to 18, which opened July 19. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
Rosa Friedich receives one of the COVID-19 vaccines from nurse Shannon Perger at Mary Hall in March. Photo: Tyler Harper
LVR grads Rebecca Neudorf and Siddhartha Minhas in the 2021 grad cavalcade. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
Dr. Suzanne Simard of Nelson, a professor of forest ecology at UBC, is the author of Finding the Mother Tree, published in 2021 and slated to be made into a full length film. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
Music therapist Ruth Langevin plays at Lakeside Park beach. Photo: Tyler Harper
Nelson scientists Greg Utzig (left) and Mel Reasoner responded to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
Chandra Moon (centre) and her kids Jaeden Radcliffe (left) and Mackenzie Moon provide Christmas gifts to seniors on their own during the holidays. Photo: Tyler Harper
Fred Thomson retired after working as a bylaw officer in Nelson for 31 years. Photo: Tyler Harper
Derrick Bint is one of the people who built the recently finished Lyon’s Bluff trail just outside Nelson. Photo: Tyler Harper
Avie Waterfall in her father’s metalwork shop, working on a product for her artisan business, which is just one of many activities that won her a dozen scholarships as she left Grade 12 at L.V. Rogers Secondary. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
A group of 20 nurses and doctors, all members of the group Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health, met on Nov. 4 in front of Nelson City Hall in a demonstration to urge governments for action on climate change and environmental degradation. Photo: Bill Metcalfe
St. Joseph School Grade 2 student Zoe Kenny watches as Christopher Yates shows her how to string a new drum using hide from his own cows. Photo: Tyler Harper
Kootenay Lake Hospital staff stand with some of the thank you cards they received on Thanksgiving. The cards provided a boost in morale at the Nelson hospital. Photo: Tyler Harper

Bill Metcalfe

About the Author: Bill Metcalfe

Bill has lived in Nelson since 1994 and has worked as a reporter at the Nelson Star since 2015.
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