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City of Nelson sells slice of land on Hall Street

A triangle-shaped parcel was originally slated for a right-hand turning lane
A small slice of city land seen here behind Finley’s Bar and Grill has been sold to the restaurant. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

by Timothy Schafer

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Nelson Daily

A portion of Vernon Street that was originally slated for a right-hand turning lane will be closed and sold by the city back to the business on that street.

The triangular-shaped piece of property that was once a part of 705 Vernon St. will be sold to the owner — Finley’s Bar and Grill — after the road allowance was permanently closed by city council (Aug. 9).

The property owner was required to engage a surveyor to submit a legal survey to allow for the road closure to the Land Title Office before the land sale could occur, according to a previous council resolution.

“As initially presented to council in 2019, the property owner of 705 Vernon St. approached the city seeking to buy the triangle shaped piece of property that the city acquired from the previous owner of 705 Vernon St.,” noted city deputy corporate officer Gabriel Bouvet-Bosclair.

He said when the city initially acquired the land, it was planning to accommodate a turning lane into 309 Hall St. for a future project.

“The project at 309 Hall St. never materialized and the area has not been used by the city,” he wrote. “Rather, the area has remained fenced and is maintained by the current owner of 705 Vernon St.”

Bouvet-Bosclair said the property owner of 705 Vernon St. also sought to purchase the land over a decade ago and received council approval, but the purchase was not completed at that time.

The worth of the land will be assessed to market value before the sale takes place.

The undeveloped roadway is approximately 50 metres square and contains two powerlines running down its length.

Nelson Hydro has requested that the hydro right-of- way remain on title and that the setbacks from the hydro lines be maintained — conditions the new property owner agreed to.

The Road Closure Bylaw will be filed with the Land Title Office and the property shall cease to be a roadway and will be registered in the city’s name, allowing the property to be sold, subject to the requirements of the Community Charter.

The city did not require the land for any purpose.

“The land in question cannot be developed as a separate lot and is therefore beneficial only to the adjacent property owner (705 Vernon St.),” said Bouvet-Bosclair.