The scene at the mouth of Cottonwood Creek last month when police

The scene at the mouth of Cottonwood Creek last month when police

Cottonwood Creek death likely product of ‘misadventure’

The investigation into the cause of death for a young man in Nelson is still ongoing.

While tips from the public and cooperation from family and friends have helped in the case of a victim found dead in Cottonwood Creek last month, the investigation into the cause of death is still ongoing.

“We have pieced together, with help from family and friends, where the male was a few days prior to his death and we have a little bit more of a picture now of who he was,” says Nelson Police Department Chief Wayne Holland, explaining specific information isn’t available for release as the investigation continues.

The body of a young, Caucasian male in his late 20s was found in Cottonwood Creek on March 23. The man was new to the community and police say he was found wearing a blue sports jersey with the number 12 on the front.

Nelson Police Department are appreciative of the many tips from community members helping them to piece together what led up to the victim’s death.

“A lot of the information has been corroborative so that’s good,” says Holland.

A forensic autopsy of the Cottonwood site is complete and toxic screen test are currently being done with hopes of assisting in determining cause of death. For now, Holland assures the public there is no cause for concern.

“Nothing has led us to believe that there is any reason to suspect foul play and that the death was anything other than a possible misadventure,” says Holland.

“We want to say to the public there is no reason for anyone, based on what we know now, to feel any fear in the community. There is nothing to indicate there is a danger to the public.”

Holland says the NPD want some final conclusion for the family’s sake and the friends of the deceased.

“It’s a tragedy when someone that young passes away,” he says.

Holland encourages the public to continue to come forward with any information. Nelson Police Department can be reached at 250-352-3919.