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Photo: Pixabay

COVID-19 testing available in Nelson

But only for people with specific symptoms and risk factors

Residents of Nelson can arrange to be screened for COVID-19 testing by calling the COVID Testing Centre run by the Interior Health Authority (IHA) in Nelson at 250-551-7500.

They can also call HealthLink BC at 811 to talk to a health-care worker and arrange next steps.

Testing will be done by a triage method in which only people exhibiting specific symptoms and risk factors will be accepted.

Susan Duncan of the Interior Health Authority told the Star in an email that testing is taking place primarily to protect populations who are most at risk.

“That population is primarily elderly people and/or those with underlying health conditions,” she said.

Testing is also being conducted at the Slocan Valley Community Health Centre in New Denver, accessed through calling 811.

“Testing is occurring at a number of community locations,” Duncan said. “Some physicians and nurse practitioners are able to test in their offices, but you must call ahead first to discuss appropriate steps. Some patients will be referred by appointment to a health-care facility in their community for testing, which is a throat swab.”

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Anyone who is tested may be told to self-isolate until the tests can be analyzed in a laboratory. Test results can be found by calling the B.C. Centre for Disease Control coronavirus hotline at 1-833-707-2792.

More information about the local availability of testing will be provided as the Star receives it.

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