Detention order placed on man who ran from police

A 34-year-old man arrested after a police chase last Wednesday was in Canada illegally.

A 34-year-old man arrested after a police chase last Wednesday was in Canada illegally.

Nelson police say Canadian immigration officials have placed a detention order on the man, who has a long criminal history in the US.

He is also facing charges of possession of ecstasy for the purpose of trafficking, possession of marijuana, escaping lawful custody, obstructing police, and assaulting an officer.

Police were called to the Chahko Mika Mall about two men drinking in public.

Upon arrival, one of them bolted toward the parking lot and waterfront.

A chase followed involving Nelson police units, the integrated road safety unit, and an RCMP member.

The man ran along the waterfront toward the soccer field, where he was finally caught after being pepper sprayed.

He was found to have a large amount of ecstasy on him, as well as marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

The suspect suffered minor injuries and was briefly hospitalized. Two police officers were also checked for minor injuries and exposure to pepper spray. The man, who refused to identify himself, was taken to jail after being released from hospital.

Police subsequently discovered that he was not in the country legally and notified immigration.

Father and daughter face drug charges

Nelson police say a father and daughter were arrested and a “significant” amount of cocaine, ecstasy, and drug trafficking paraphernalia seized after they executed a search warrant on an apartment block in Fairview.

A 56-year-old man and his 26-year-old daughter are due in court on trafficking and possession charges.

Suicidal woman rescued

Police talked a distraught woman off the orange bridge early one morning this week.

Around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday they received a call that she was threatening suicide, and upon arrival found her clinging to the railing on the outside of the bridge deck. A civilian on the scene was already talking to her, and police continued the dialogue.

In the meantime, ambulance and fire crews also arrived.

Sgt. Steve Bank says after some negotiations, she was brought to safety and taken to Kootenay Lake Hospital.

“Police are very appreciative of the caring assistance provided by the witness who maintained dialogue with the distressed female prior to and after police arrival,” Bank says.