Electronic logging devices will be required on all commercial vehicles in B.C. starting Aug. 1. (Black Press Media file photo).

Electronic logging devices required for commercial trucks in B.C. Aug. 1

B.C. carriers were given six months to install ELDs throughout their fleets

The B.C. government is mandating the use of electronic logging devices in all commercial vehicles in B.C.

The requirement takes effect across B.C. on Tuesday (Aug. 1).

ELDs automatically track drivers’ time behind the wheel and their introduction aligns with federal regulations that Transport Canada established for the inter-provincial trucking sector in 2021 with all provinces and territories behind the measure.

Enforcement of the federal regulations began on Jan. 1 and the requirement for ELDs in B.C. was announced in February, giving B.C. carriers six months to install ELDs throughout their fleets and to complete driver and dispatcher training.

Government hopes that ELDs will reduce the likelihood of driving while tired and help ensure drivers stick to the allowable regulation driving time in a day.

Leaders in communities along major highways such as Clearwater and Barriere have been pressuring government for ELDs as one way to reduce the rising number of crashes and fatalities by reducing the risks associated with driver fatigue.

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