The final surviving osprey

The final surviving osprey

Final surviving osprey flourishing

Nel was the only chick to survive after her father Nelson was killed earlier this year.

Nel is alive and well.

The final surviving osprey chick is healthy and flourishing at the O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta.

Nel was rescued from her nest beside Highway 3 after her father was killed by a high voltage power line. Shortly after, her siblings died of malnourishment and her mother stopped taking an active role in feeding her, perhaps due to grief.

On July 16, O.W.L posted some photos of Nel with the following text:

A little update on Nel. Doing great! Lots of feedings, and completely eating on her own now. Nel is watching her foster mom rip and tear at her trout. Won’t be long until Nel picks up the tricks of the trade. All is going great!”

To keep track of Nel’s progress, like O.W.L on Facebook or visit their website.