Hurry up Jumbo decision, columnist says

Two weeks after receiving parts of five pages in the Globe and Mail, the Jumbo Glacier Resort saga was the subject of Daphne Bramham’s page A3 column in Saturday’s Vancouver Sun.

Bramham outlined the history of the project dating back to 1990, and then ended with a plea for the government to please make a decision.

“Choose grizzlies over skiers, or economic development over the environment,” she wrote. “But the government must make a choice because after more than two decades, there’s nothing more to be gained from delaying.”

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent on reports, studies, and consultants, she noted, while the developer, bureaucrats, and activists have spent thousands of hours on the project.

“There is more than enough information available to make a decision and more than enough to realize that any decision won’t please everyone. So, get it over with — yes or no.”

The latest hold-up is the swearing-in of Christy Clark as premier and naming of a new tourism minister.

You can read the column here.