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Jackson's competes to be Nelson's best burger

With so many good burgers in Nelson, it's hard to know which is best. This week Jackson's enters the ring to potentially be named the best.
Jackson's Hole has entered its Jacksons Loaded Buger in the contest that will determine which nelson restaurant does it best.

Burgers are a menu staple for almost every restaurant, but what makes a burger the best? And with so many burgers in Nelson, who is at the top of the list?

“We challenge the rest of these people to the best burger, but having said that Nelson is lucky to have a lot of good food,” said Clive Jackson of Jackson’s Hole. “I’m not sure who else is in it, but tough competition could be the Hume. They are always good.”

Jackson’s is competing in the Nelson Star and {vurb}’s Nelson’s Best Burger contest leading up to the Queen City Cruise beginning September 7.

In addition to Jackson’s is the Hume Hotel, Finley’s, Uptown Tavern, Bite, Bogustown and Relish.

“We’re entering our Jackson’s Loaded Burger,” said Jackson. “It’s our homemade patty with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickle, cheddar cheese, mushrooms and bacon on a poppy seed Kaiser with our homemade special sauce.”

He wouldn’t disclose what is in the special sauce, saying it’s a secret and he didn’t want to give the competition a leg up.

“There are three things that make a great burger,” said Jackson. “The keys are the ingredients, the cooking and the presentation. All our burgers are homemade. We make all our own patties and then our loaded comes with set goodies, but we can really modify it to people’s liking. We’ll use Swiss cheese instead of cheddar or add salsa and guacamole. It’s really up to the diner.”

The kitchen crew at Jackson’s are seasoned burger makers.

Jackson said one employee has been in the kitchen since the doors opened eight years ago.

“We have a really talented group in the back,” he said. “They have bought into our system where it is right and everything else is wrong. That is the way it is made and if you haven’t done it that way it’s wrong.

“We keep a recipe book here. We don’t bring a new guy in here and let him loose on making burgers. He goes over the recipe a few times and works through it with the experienced guys before we let him work on the big bowl of beef. They really pride themselves on what they do. If it gets burnt we don’t serve it. We don’t flip it upside down and hope nobody noticed.”

To vote for Nelson’s Best Burger visit click on “contests” and vote for your favourite.