Kaslo RCMP have shut down plans for a rave scheduled for the May long weekend.

Kaslo RCMP have shut down plans for a rave scheduled for the May long weekend.

Kaslo RCMP shut down planned rave

Plans for a rave in near Kaslo over the May long weekend have been stopped by the Village of Kaslo and the Kaslo RCMP.

The Village of Kaslo and the Kaslo RCMP are telling local parents and teenagers that a rave planned for the area known as ninja fort will not be permitted.

“We aren’t trying to ruin anyone’s fun, that’s not the idea of it,” said Const. Doug Robinson. “If you walk down to the site it’s not hard to realize how ugly things could get. We’ll do what we can to keep the community safe.”

RCMP found out about the rave planned for the May long weekend through word of mouth and the community.

Robinson said that judging from the Facebook page a minimum of 100 people would have likely attended.

“As a police force we can’t allow anyone to go ahead and do that,” he said. “You know what raves are all about. We don’t see as much alcohol at these things as we do drugs. We jumped on this one this year for that reason and the fact that we’ve talked to the Department of Transportation’s road maintenance workers and they said the way the river is running down at the site right now if one of the log jams further up river broke up there could have water two to three feet high rushing down river.”

The location has been used for similar events in the past, Robinson said there was one there last year in June and a couple years ago there was one that shut down the whole road.

The Mayor of Kaslo has issued a statement advising that no permission will be granted to use village land for the purposes of a rave because of significant liability to the village.

Kaslo RCMP will be assisting the village by removing anyone from village land who is engaged in unauthorized and unsupervised activity of mass gathering raves.

Robinson the RCMP has identified some of the organizers but their names have not been released to the public.