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Crews establishing wetlines, prioritizing high-risk hotspots in Kelowna wildfire

All evacuation orders and alerts remain the same for the Walroy Lake wildfire
Glenmore and Snowsell in Kelowna during the Aug. 18, 2023 wildfires. (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

UPDATE: 4:30 p.m.

The wildfire in north Kelowna has grown to 794 hectares.

The blaze was first discovered on the night of August 17, when the McDougall Creek wildfire spread across Okanagan Lake.

BC Wildfire reports that the wildfire continues to burn out of control despite light rain earlier in the day.

The Walroy Lake wildfire in north Kelowna is now part of the Grouse Complex. The Grouse Complex consists of the McDougall Creek wildfire in West Kelowna, the Clarke Creek fire in Lake Country and the Walroy Lake wildfire.

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.

The Walroy Lake wildfire continues to display rank 2 fire activity.

BC Wildfire Service crews and structure protection crews are continuing to work throughout the day, prioritizing higher-risk areas. Structure protection crews will be extinguishing active fire and hotspots close to homes and properties.

One of the fire crews is stationed at the below Clifton in case of rolling debris falling down the hillside.

A 20-foot wetline has been put together from the Union and Begbie along the southside of the blaze. Crews are establishing a 50-foot wetline on the north flank today as well as taking care of hotspots.

A direct attack on the blaze will also continue and tree accessors are on scene as well.

The fire remains 769 hectares in size.


The Walroy Lake wildfire in Kelowna’s Clifton and McKinley neighbourhoods saw no changes Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

Many people reported rain in the area while some reported they heard thunder and lightning but as of early Tuesday morning, the blaze remains at 769 hectares.

Smoke blanketing Kelowna had made it difficult for BC Wildfire Services to keep the size of the blaze updated.

While West Kelowna and Lake Country saw some properties evacuation orders be downgraded to alerts, the same cannot be said in Kelowna as all evacuation orders and alerts remain the same for the Walroy Lake wildfire.

For a map of evacuation orders and alerts visit

The Walroy Lake wildfire has been part of the Grouse Complex since Saturday night. It is a Grouse Complex with the McDougall Creek wildfire in West Kelowna and the Clarke Creek wildfire in Lake Country.

Transport Canada and the BC Wildfire Service prohibit the use of drones of any size near a wildfire. The operation of any aircraft not associated with fire suppression activities within a radius of five nautical miles around a fire, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), is illegal. Anyone found interfering with wildfire control efforts may face penalties up to $100,000 and or up to one year in jail.

Black Press Media will keep updated throughout the day.

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