Rosemont Elementary’s Tim Mushumanski is among the principals being shuffled around School District 8. Photo: Tyler Harper

Rosemont Elementary’s Tim Mushumanski is among the principals being shuffled around School District 8. Photo: Tyler Harper

Kootenay Lake school district shuffles administrators

New principals for L.V. Rogers, Mount Sentinel, Salmo

The Kootenay Lake school district has announced a major shuffling of its administrators, including new principals for Nelson, Kaslo, Slocan Valley, Salmo, and Crawford Bay schools.

“Every year, we get asked why we are doing leadership change throughout our district,” superintendent Christine Perkins said in a news release. “Change is good for all of us and we want to build capacity within all the members of our learning community.

“With change, comes learning. And in education, learning is the ultimate goal.”

Blewett elementary principal Mary Ann Gaschnitz will retire at the end of June while Mount Sentinel principal Glen Campbell will leave the school at the same time. He will be involved in mentoring and other district projects until his official retirement in January 2021.

Shellie Maloff will replace Campbell as principal at Mount Sentinel while Tim Mushumanski will become principal at Blewett.

Perkins said the reasons for principal and vice-principal moves varies. Some come as requests for personal career development and new learning. Other times it may have to do with district needs, succession planning, or to cover an illness.

“For brand new leadership, it is a good opportunity to move to another school other than the one you were a teacher at,” Perkins says.

All moves will take effect on Aug. 1.

District Principals

• Tamara Malloff will become district principal, innovative learning – middle years, secondary, post-secondary, and online learning (from principalship of L.V. Rogers).

Nelson Family of Schools

• Ben Eaton will become principal at L.V. Rogers Secondary and will maintain his director of instruction portfolio, specifically related to safe schools, and all things trades.

• Amy Strachan will become vice-principal at L.V. Rogers (from Trafalgar Middle). Ron Sherman remains vice-principal at L.V. Rogers.

• Jordon Konken will become vice-principal at Trafalgar (from vice-principal L.V. Rogers).

• Gail Higginbottom will add to her district principal – Aboriginal education portfolio and will be principal at Redfish Elementary.

• Tim Mushumanski will become principal at Blewett Elementary (from Rosemont Elementary).

• Dan Rude will become principal at South Nelson (from J.V. Humphries and Jewett in Kaslo/Meadow Creek).

• Lindsay Mackay will become principal at Rosemont Elementary (from Blewett).

Salmo Family of Schools

• Jon Francis becomes principal of Salmo Secondary (from Winlaw Elementary).

• Misty Terpstra will be vice-principal of Salmo Elementary and Salmo Secondary (from vice-principal at Salmo Secondary).

• Dawn Snell will be principal of Salmo Elementary.

Slocan Family of Schools

• Monica Doyle will become principal of Winlaw Elementary (from South Nelson).

• Jen Kooznetsoff will become principal at Brent Kennedy Elementary (from vice-principal at Salmo Elementary)

• Shellie Maloff will be the new principal at Mount Sentinel Secondary (from Brent Kennedy – she’s also a former vice-principal at Mount Sentinel).

Kaslo Family of Schools

• Victoria McAllister will become principal of J.V. Humphries in Kaslo and Jewett Elementary in Meadow Creek (from Redfish Elementary).

Crawford Bay Family of Schools

• Sarah Wick will be the new principal of Crawford Bay Elementary/Secondary (from Mount Sentinel and the District Aspiring Leaders program).