Nelson's Diana Morita Cole is the keynote speaker of the KDocsFF film festival. Photo: Submitted

Nelson author Diana Morita Cole to speak at film festival

She will share a virtual stage with actor George Takei

Nelson author Diana Morita Cole has been named keynote speaker for the opening night of the KDocsFF social justice film festival, which runs March 12 to 21.

She will share the virtual stage with actor and LGBTQ+ activist George Takei following a screening of And Then They Came For Us, which retells the story of the mass removal of the ethnic Japanese from the West Coast of the United States during the Second World War.

Morita Cole, who was born in an American internment camp in 1944, will speak about the internment of Japanese Canadians. The film’s director, Abby Ginzberg, and Satsuki Ina, another of the film’s subjects, will also participate. The event begins 7 p.m. on March 12.

Morita Cole’s novel Sideways: Memoir of a Misfit won the 2017 Richard Carver Award for Emerging Writers.

Tickets are $5 per film for 48-hour access or $40 for an all-access festival pass, including all keynote addresses and Q&As.

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