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Nelson medical trainee disciplined for unprofessional conduct

College of Physicians and Surgeons has reprimanded Vincent Zenarosa for practising without a licence

A clinical trainee practising in a medical office in Nelson has been disciplined by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In a public notification dated Dec. 18, the college stated that Vincent Zenarosa “engaged in unprofessional conduct by administering Botulinum toxin (‘Botox’) injections to a patient, without supervision, when he was not licensed to practice medicine in British Columbia and his clinical trainee licence had expired.”

If Zenarosa applies again for a licence with the college he will be placed in a class of registration designated as “conditional – disciplined.”

He was given a formal reprimand and told he must take professional development training in the areas of ethics and professionalism.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons is the licensing and regulatory body for all physicians and surgeons in the province.

Stephanie Collinson of Nelson brought the complaint against Zenarosa when she suffered side effects that she says are serious and prolongued after he injected her with Botox to deal with migraines (a widely accepted medical use of Botox).

The college found that Zenarosa had not been honest with his clinical supervisor, Dr. Joel Kailia, about his registration status.

However, in a letter to Collinson, the college’s lawyer stated that the college “was critical of Dr. Kailia’s conduct” and imposed two conditions Kailia must meet or be subject to discipline.

He must ensure any physician under his supervision is appropriately registered with the college and he must provide direct supervision of all interactions between patients and trainees under his supervision.

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