Nelson not in the sewage import business

Nelson’s sewer service is staying in city limits.

Nelson’s sewer service is staying in city limits.

City council turned down a request from a developer to connect his Bealby Point Road strata development to the city’s sewer service in exchange for $100,000 and ongoing fees. It was the second time the request for the city’s sanitary service had been shot down — staff already rejected it once before the developer appealed to council.

“This is such a longstanding position of the city that we don’t do these little extensions,” councillor Donna Macdonald told council.

“I don’t care how much money he wants to give us. It doesn’t make up for all of the negatives… it’s not really in our long-term interest to do them.”

According to a report prepared for council, allowing a development outside of city limits to hook up to city services would lead to “additional suburbanization” of Nelson, and set a precedent for other developers to push for a service extension.