With the 135.3 mm of rain that has been received in the last 30 days

With the 135.3 mm of rain that has been received in the last 30 days

Nelson rescinds Level 4 water restrictions

The Nelson area has received 135.3 mm of rain in the last 30 days.

Due to the 135.3 mm of rain that has been received in the last 30 days, the City has seen a major improvement in the discharge of Five Mile Creek.

“The weather that the City has experienced over the last 30 days has really changed the amount of water available from our Five Mile Creek source” says public works ajnd utilities director Colin Innes.

“The amount of rain received was greater than the combined amounts received during the months of July, August, September and October, which has positively changed the discharge levels in the creek.”

Climate models have forecasted that the El Nino weather phenomenon could result in 40 percent less snowfall over this upcoming winter season, which could potentially impact the volume of snow that contributes to the spring run-off. Depending on the weather that is received over the winter season, this could result in water restrictions being reinstated for Nelson residents in the spring of 2016.

Innes thanked residents for cooperating with the Level Four restrictions and embracing the water conservation message that was promoted by the City earlier this fall.

“As we continue to assess what the affect a changing climate could have on our water supply, it appears that conservation measures, including being conservation minded with indoor water use, will be important to ensure the availability of an adequate potable water supply for the community.”

The city also notes the deadline to be entered to win a low-flush toilet is rapidly approaching. For residents that have not yet entered, there is still time before the Tuesday noon deadline to install a toilet bag and submit a photo via the City website.

Toilet bags are available at City Hall and the Nelson Public Library. For details of the contest, go to nelson.ca.